Why Is Weed Called Pot?

For decades, weed, marijuana, and cannabis have been called all sorts of names, but one name has been particularly popular: pot. But why is weed known as pot? To answer this question, we need to look at the history of marijuana slang and how pot has become a common name for marijuana.

In exploring the deeper meaning behind the popular slang term of weed being referred to as pot, we once again discover how the language of marihuana has evolved over time to remain relevant and representative of current marijuana culture. So, let’s start exploring the significance behind pot being the most popular name for marijuana.

Why is Weed Called Pot?

Weed, marijuana, cannabis, ganja, bud, or pot – these are just some of the slang terms used to refer to the dried leaves, flowers and buds of the Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis indica plants that can cause psychoactive effects when consumed. But why is this plant referred to as “Pot”?

A Closer Look at the Term “Pot”

The term “pot” is derived from the Spanish word “potiguaya”, which was the name given to marijuana when it was first used in Mexico in the early 1900s. This is believed to have somehow evolved into the term “pot” in US English, however it is not entirely clear how it evolved and the exact origin of the word “pot” is still a matter of debate.

An Evolving Pejorative Term

While “pot” is widely used by users and dealers today, in the 1940s and 1950s the term was still viewed as a pejorative and was used to refer to marijuana in a highly disparaging way. Over the ensuing years, the term has become widely accepted and is often used to refer to marijuana in a casual or even humorous fashion.

Pot as a Cultural Slang Term

Today, the term “pot” is so firmly ingrained in popular culture that it is used in virtually every sector of society, from academic circles to the film industry. The term is also widely used in in literature and music, from the iconic lyrics of Bob Marley’s “One Joint” to the cult classic movie “Half Baked”.


The term “pot” is an evolution of the Spanish word “potiguaya”, which was first used to refer to marijuana in Mexico in the early 1900s.

The term has become so well-ensconced in modern culture that it is used in virtually every sector of society, and its usage is often viewed in a casual or humorous light. Citation URLs:https://www.

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