Why Is Tyson Fury Called The Gypsy King?

Tyson Fury is one of the most explosive personalities and iconic boxers of this era. His relentless spirit and brash attitude have made him one of the most entertaining sportsmen in the world. But his punchy approach towards life is not the only thing that sets him apart.

Fury is also referred to by his alias: The Gypsy King. But why?

To really comprehend the meaning and origin of this name, we’ll have to go back in time and get to the root of Fury’s heritage. Let’s take a closer look at why Tyson Fury is the Gypsy King.

Why Is Tyson Fury Called The Gypsy King?

Tyson Fury is an English professional boxer who is currently the reigning WBC heavyweight champion and is one of the most recognisable athletes in the world.

Fury has achieved great success in his career and is also known as ‘The Gypsy King’. But why is he called The Gypsy King?

The Gypsy King Identity

Tyson Fury is of Irish Traveller descent, specifically the Reavy family hailing from Wilmslow, Cheshire.

He has often used the identity of ‘The Gypsy King’ or ‘The Travelling King’ as a form of self-expression, both in the ring and in media interviews. Fury has always been proud of his heritage and often uses Irish Traveller culture to his advantage.

Tyson Fury And His Heritage

Fury is known for embracing his heritage and culture, and often uses popular gypsy songs for inspiration.

He has said that “being a Traveller was a big part of my heritage and identity, and it is something that I take pride in. ” He has embraced the traditional aspects of his culture, such as the singing of songs and the dressing of vibrant colours.

He even formed a traditional traveller’s band, The Travelling Kingsmen, with his brothers to perform traditional songs.

Tyson Fury’s Achievements

In addition to his cultural identity, Fury has also achieved great success in the boxing world. He is the current WBC heavyweight champion and has held numerous other titles throughout his career.

His skill in the ring and his embracing of the Gypsy King identity have made him one of the most recognisable fighters in the world.


Tyson Fury is a professional boxer who is also known as The Gypsy King.

The nickname is an homage to his Irish Traveller heritage, which is something that he has embraced and celebrated in his career. He has also achieved great success in the ring and is a title holder in the heavyweight division. Fury is a great example of someone who has used his cultural identity for self-expression and success. Citation Url : https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Tyson_Furyhttps://www. bbc. co. uk/news/newsbeat-51683117

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