Why Is Tyrann Mathieu Called Honey Badger?

Welcome to the world of Tyrann Mathieu, the NFL Star and Honey Badger. Learn why Mathieu has become one of the most exciting and talked about players in the NFL.

Find out why his nickname was inspired by a ferocious little mammal and what it means to be a Honey Badger in the NFL. Get ready to discover the story behind Tyrann Mathieu’s rise to fame and why he is so beloved by fans around the world. So let’s dive in and find out why Tyrann Mathieu is called the Honey Badger.

Why Is Tyrann Mathieu Called Honey Badger?

The Honey Badger nickname is derived from Mathieu’s aggressive playing style and tenaciousness on the field.

He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and grew up playing football. After high school, Mathieu attended Louisiana State University where he earned a degree in sports administration. At LSU he was a standout defensive player and excelled in both solo and team drills.

He was also known for being a fierce competitor on the field and was often compared to the Honey Badger because of his tenacious attitude. After college, Mathieu was drafted in the NFL by the Arizona Cardinals in 201

The Origin of the Honey Badger Nickname

Honey Badgers are small animals that are known for their courage and resilience. They are fearless and will go up against much larger predators in order to defend their territory. Mathieu possesses similar traits as he always gives his all no matter the situation.

The nickname was then popularized as a meme when a short video titled “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger” went viral on YouTube in 201 In the video, the main character, a Honey Badger, is fearless, confident, and tenacious.

Why the Name Stuck to Tyrann Mathieu?

Due to his physical and mental attributes, Mathieu was compared to the Honey Badger in the video and the nickname just so happened to stick with him. He grew to embrace the nickname and uses it as motivation on the field. Mathieu’s nickname is also very fitting because he plays aggressively and is almost always the first player to lunge at the ball carrier. He is known as a hard- hitting corner that takes risks in order to make a play.


Tyrann Mathieu’s nickname, Honey Badger, is an accurate representation of the type of player he is. He is known for his tenaciousness, courage and resilience, which are attributes that are shared by the Honey Badger. The nickname was made popular after a popular video went viral, and Mathieu has grown to embrace and even use it as motivation. Citation URL https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Tyrann_Mathieuhttps://www. sportscasting. com/why-is-tyrann-mathieu-called-the-honey-badger/https://www. thehuddle. com/players/profile. php?ID=24117

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