Why Is Times Square Called Times Square?

Welcome to the vibrant, bustling heart of New York City – Times Square! Have you ever walked through the streets of this iconic destination and wondered why it is called Times Square?

With a rich history and unique cultural significance, Times Square has come to represent the best of New York City and its residents. In this article, we’ll look at why Times Square is so named and uncover the secrets behind this iconic place in the Big Apple. Keep reading to find out why Times Square is one of the most recognizable destinations in the entire world!

Why is Times Square Called Times Square?

Times Square is a world-renowned Icon of New York City. Millions of eyes from around the world gaze upon the flashing neon signs and the iconic billboards that make up part of the city skyline.

But how did this crowded and busy location come to be known as Times Square?

Origin of the Name Times Square

Times Square was given its current name on April 8, 1904 when The New York Times Newspaper moved its headquarters there.

Prior to that, the area was once known as Longacre Square, in honor of Longacre Square which was New York City’s premiere theatre and entertainment district. But The New York Times publisher, Adolph S. Och, had other plans for the area and set out to establish the world’s modern Times Square.

Och proposed to rename the area “Times Square” in honor of the newspaper’s relocation, and on April 8, 1904, The New York Times officially changed its headquarters and the area to Times Square.

Times Square Today

Today, Times Square is a bustling center of New York City life, with hundreds of restaurants, shops, and attractions.

The most famous of these filled with bright lights, billboards, and of course, the worldwide New Year’s Eve Time Square celebration. Times Square is now the most visited neighborhood in the world. With over 39 million visitors from around the world, Times Square has won its place as a top destination for travelers from all over the globe.


In conclusion, Times Square was given its name in honor of the move of The New York Times newspaper headquarters there on April 8, 190 Now, it is one of the world’s most famous icons and a hotspot for tourists from all over.

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