Why Is The Nassau Coliseum Called The Barn?

Welcome to an interesting journey of uncovering why the Nassau Coliseum, a popular sports stadium located in Uniondale, New York is nicknamed “the Barn”. This iconic stadium, first opened in 1972, has hosted many all-star sporting events and hosted teams, music icons, and political figures.

Despite its current level of decline, the Nassau Coliseum is a staple in the realm of entertainment and should be forever considered a part of the Long Island sports legacy. So why is it called the Barn? Keep reading and you will find out…

Why is the Nassau Coliseum Called the Barn?

The Nassau Coliseum, or Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (NVMC), is an indoor arena in Uniondale, New York.

It is a venue that has been used for sports and entertainment purposes since it opened in 197 Though it is a popular venue, it has a rather nostalgic nickname. So, why is the Nassau Coliseum called the Barn?

A Brief History of the Coliseum

The Nassau Coliseum, which was originally set to be named Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, was constructed in Uniondale, New York. The Nassau Coliseum has served as a home base for a number of pro-sports teams including the New York Islanders, the Dell’s Long Island Lizards lacrosse team, and the Long Island Nets of the NBA G League. Many concerts and entertainment events have also been held here over the years.

The Coliseum’s Nickname

The Nassau Coliseum is often referred to as the Barn. It’s an affectionate nickname that dates back to the 1970s when the arena was primarily used for hockey games.

The seats were surprisingly narrow and uncomfortable and the noise level in the arena was incredibly loud, creating an atmosphere similar to that of a barn. The nickname has stuck ever since and the Nassau Coliseum is now commonly referred to as “the Barn” by those familiar with the arena.

What Today’s Coliseum Is Like

Today’s Nassau Coliseum underwent a $130-million renovation beginning in 201

The renovation efforts improved the team’s locker room and added other essential amenities, including a new scoreboard and wider seats for maximum comfort. The arena now also houses restaurants and amenities to enhance the fan experience.


The Nassau Coliseum is an iconic arena that has hosted some of the greatest names in sports and entertainment. There’s a lot of history behind the Barn, a nickname that has been in use since the 1970s. Though the arena has seen plenty of changes, it still has the same rustic charm that earned it the nickname all those years ago. Citations: https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nassau_Veterans_Memorial_Coliseum https://www. newsday. com/long-island/towns/nassau-coliseum-26271437 https://www. nassaucoliseum. com/article/welcome-to-the-coliseum

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