Why Is The Masters Called The Masters?

Welcome to the fascinating world of golf! Today, we’ll be discussing one of the most legendary golfing tournaments in the world: The Masters.

We’ll be talking about why this tournament has been dubbed ‘The Masters’ and how it has earned its place in the annals of golfing history. The Masters is more than just a tournament; it’s a testament to the skill and tenacity of top golfers from all over the world, and its many iconic moments have left an indelible mark on the sport. So, why is the Masters called the Masters?

Let’s find out!

Why is the Masters called the Masters?

The Masters is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, and one of the four major golf tournaments. But why is it called the Masters?

The Masters is the oldest of the 4 Major championships, it was first played in 193 The first tournament was hosted by amateur golfer Bobby Jones and investment banker Clifford Roberts at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

The tournament was originally named the Augusta National Invitational and later officially became known as the Masters in 1939, as it is called today.

A Name to Live Up to

The name “Masters” was chosen to mean nothing less than “master” of golf.

The name was picked to honor some of the greatest golfers in the world that have competed in the tournament. It symbolizes more than just high-level competition, it honors the players who have achieved greatness in the game.

The Prestigious Green Jacket

Along with its intriguing name, the Masters also boasts a very recognizable piece of memorabilia awarded to the tournament’s winner.

After a grueling four-round Tiger Woods’ battle, the winner is presented with a green jacket. This coveted item, awarded only to the Masters’ victor, differentiates the competition from other golf tournaments and adds to the tournament’s prestige.

The Beauty of Augusta National

The Masters takes place at the majestic Augusta National Golf Club. The course demands a level of finesse and precision not seen in other golf tournaments. Augusta National’s incredible design and beauty are in part why the Masters has become such an iconic tournament.


The Masters is one of the greatest golf tournaments and one of the four major golf tournaments. With its intriguing name, the green jacket awarded to the victor and its home course, the Masters is a tournament to look forward to each year. Citations: https://www. history. com/this-day-in-history/first-masters-tournament-playedhttps://www. masters. com/en_US/news/articles/2020-04-07/origin-of-the-masters-tournaments-green-jacket. htmlhttps://www. masters. com/en_US/discover/history. html

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