Why Is Stetson Called The Mailman?

When it comes to cowboys, Stetson hats have become the traditional symbol of the Wild West. But why is Stetson called the ‘Mailman’?

The term dates back to the 19th century, when legendary hatmakers John B. Stetson decided to ship out his hats by mail-order. That decision changed the world of western wear forever, cementing Stetson’s place as the undisputed king of cowboy hats.

In this article, we’ll explore the story behind the nickname, and discover what’s so special about Stetson hats.

Why is Stetson Called the Mailman?

Stetson University is a private university located in DeLand, Florida.

It is known for its rigorous academics and athletic programs. But it also has another unique moniker – the “Mailman. ” So why is Stetson called the Mailman, and what does it mean?

Origin of the Name

The origins of the name go back to the early 1900s, when the University established its mail delivery service. In order to better serve its students and faculty, the University contracted with a local mailman to do the deliveries. The mailman was known on campus simply as “Stetson’s mailman.

”Eventually, the mailman became a campus icon and was thus immortalized in the University’s nickname. Today, the University still celebrates its mailman, although delivery is now done by the U.

S. Postal Service.

Meaning of the Name

The nickname “Mailman” is now shorthand for the University’s dedication to providing service to its students. It symbolizes the commitment of the University to deliver excellence in everything it does, both in terms of academics and student life. It is a reminder to students, faculty, and staff that the University strives to exceed expectations in all of its endeavors.


Stetson University proudly bears the nickname “Mailman,” a tribute to the University’s commitment to providing service to its students. It serves as an important reminder that the University strives to do its best in all of its endeavors-academic and otherwise. Citation URL: https://www. stetson. edu/academics/academic-history/https://www. stetson. edu/about/traditions/

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