Why Is Stetson Bennett Called The Mailman?

“Have you ever heard of the legendary quarterback, Stetson Bennett? He’s been called the ‘Mailman’ for a reason, and it’s one of the most intriguing stories in football.

It all began a few years ago when Stetson Bennett was just a freshman in college; little did he know that the nickname of the ‘Mailman’ would soon follow him throughout his career. This begs the questions: why is Stetson Bennett called the mailman? Keep reading to find out the answer!

Why Is Stetson Bennett Called the Mailman?

Stetson Bennett is a college football quarterback from the University of Georgia who was given the nickname “the Mailman” for reasons that have been debated amongst fans for a long time.

Below, we’ll go into more detail about the origins of this nickname, what it means to Stetson Bennett, and why it has developed such a fan base.

Origins of the Nickname

The nickname “the Mailman” was first given to Stetson Bennett at the University of Georgia. It is said that Stetson was given this nickname due to his accuracy and reliability as a quarterback — similar to how the mailman is always reliable and delivers mail to its destination on or before the due date.

What it Means to Stetson Bennett?

The nickname “the Mailman” symbolizes Stetson Bennett’s consistency and accuracy as a quarterback year after year.

As the old saying goes, ‘Good as gold’ which relates to how Stetson Bennett’s accuracy is reliable as gold every single year. For Stetson Bennett, this nickname is a great reminder that he always has to strive to be better, practice hard and be consistent with his performance on the field each year to ensure he is living up to his nickname.

Fan Reaction

The nickname “the Mailman” has become a sensation amongst Stetson Bennett’s fan base.

The quarterback has taken to social media and embraced the nickname, often citing it in his tweets and posts. People have also created t-shirts, hats and other merchandise with the nickname on them, giving his fans a fun way to show their support for the quarterback.


Stetson Bennett has earned the nickname “the Mailman” due to his reliability and accuracy as a quarterback which leads to consistent results every year.

This nickname has also been embraced by his fan base, who often wear merchandise featuring the nickname in order to show their support for him. Citation URL: https://www.

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