Why Is Softball Called Softball?

Softball is one of the most popular team sports in the world. It’s great for friendly competition and camaraderie, and it’s an excellent way to stay fit and active. But why is it called “softball”?

With its hard, fast-moving objects, this game doesn’t sound particularly gentle when you watch it. Let’s dive into the history of the game to uncover the origins of the name, and find out why the name “softball” is so fitting for this unique and exciting game.

Why is Softball Called Softball?

The name softball was coined in the late 1800s to describe the game because its baseball-like equipment was slightly easier on the players, therefore deemed “soft.

Origins of Softball

George Hancock is credited as the inventor of softball in 1887, as a way to enjoy baseball during the colder months of winter. He initially called it “’Indoor-Outdoor’ because it could be played indoors or outdoors. However, the name didn’t catch on, so he later suggested “softball.

”The first softball game was played with a used boxing glove, a broom handle and a worn out tennis ball. The modification of the baseball gear made it easier for players to catch and play. Today, a softball is typically 11 to 12 inches in circumference, much larger than a baseball, but made of the same material.

Development of Softball

Softball grew in popularity in the early 1900s, when someone suggested that it be used as an all-girls and women’s sport. As a result, it quickly became a local pastime with games being held in the back yards and fields of small towns all around the country.

The Amateur Softball Association of America (ASAA) was founded in 1933, resulting in the development of organized and standardized rules and teams. This helped to popularize softball and make it what it is today.

Modern Softball

Modern softball, both fastpitch and slowpitch, is popular around the world and played in the Olympics.

Softball leagues and tournaments, from the recreational to the pro level, attract thousands of athletes and spectators, young and old. The rules and regulations of softball continually evolve to ensure fair play between teams and safety for players.

New bats, gloves, and rules come out every year, making the game more thrilling.


Softball is a centuries-old sport that has been enjoyed around the world. Its development and evolution continues to this day, making it a sport that is enjoyable for fans of all ages. The name “softball” reflects the game’s original intent as a softer and slower version of baseball, making it accessible for all who wish to play. Citation URL: https://www. history. com/news/who-invented-softball https://alwaysagame. com/history-of-softball/https://www. historyoffastpitchsoftball. com/history-softball. html

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