Why Is Snooki Called Dren?

If you’re anything like me, the name ‘Snooki’ has probably been a source of fascination and confusion for you. Originally known as Nicole Polizzi, Snooki soared to fame in 2009 when she joined the hit MTV show Jersey Shore.

But what made Snooki even more unique was the nickname she had given herself: ‘Dren’. Why did Snooki choose name Dren? This article will explore the origin of Snooki’s nickname, Dren, and the reasons why it resonated with her.

So if you’re curious, read on!

Why is Snooki Called Dren?

Snooki, born Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi, is an American television personality, author, and businesswoman who became famous for her role on ‘Jersey Shore’, a reality show that aired from 2009 to 201

Snooki has also been referred to as ‘Dren’ by fans and cast members on the show. But why is Snooki called ‘Dren’?

The History Behind Little ‘Dren’

The nickname ‘Dren’ wasn’t determined by Polizzi herself, but by her cast-mates.

According to the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’, the nickname was taken from the word ‘andrenaline’. The cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ noted that Polizzi’s energy and loudness gave her an advantage over her other cast members, they also said she could always be found running around, jumping off things and being overly enthusiastic.

Thus, they thought that the nickname ‘Dren’ fit perfectly with her character.

How Did the Cast Members React to the Nickname?

The cast members of ‘Jersey Shore’ haven’t seemed to mind Polizzi’s nickname.

In fact, they’ve been quite supportive of it and have even nicknamed her ‘little Dren’. The cast members have also been known to refer to her as ‘Snookidren’, which is a combination of both her real name and the nickname ‘Dren’.


Overall, it’s clear to see why nickname ‘Dren’ has stuck with Polizzi over the years.

Her cast-mates gave her the nickname as a sign of admiration for her energetic and loud character on the show. As for the cast members, they have been very supportive of the nickname and have even referred to her as ‘Snookidren’.

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