Why Is Shakespeare Called The Bard?

Ever wondered why William Shakespeare, the 16th and 17th centuries most famous playwright, was given the title of “The Bard”? For centuries, he’s been described as a genius, a trailblazer, a wordsmith for the ages. His influence is still felt to this day, in literature, art, language, and culture.

But why exactly is he named the Bard? In this article, we will explore the history behind this term and why it stuck with Shakespeare.

Let’s take a look at why the Bard was so named, and how he earned his unique title.

Why Is Shakespeare Called The Bard?

It has been almost 400 years since William Shakespeare passed away yet his works still hold strong in our society.

It’s no wonder he was given the title of “The Bard”, a title which becomes more and more pressing through the years.

What Does It Mean To Be a Bard?

In Ancient Scotland, the word bard referred to someone who was a great storyteller.

Back then, bards were known for telling stories about great heroes of the past. These stories often narrated the adventures of warriors or kings, among other figures. Over time, though, the term grew to have a more literary connotation.

A bard was no longer just a storyteller but an artist in general.

What Makes Shakespeare a Bard?

William Shakespeare was an Elizabethan playwright, actor, and poet who is commonly regarded as one of the most influential figures in literary history. His works have been translated into almost every major language and are studied in classrooms around the world.

But why is he known as The Bard?Easton Press on Twitter defines The Bard as “the most renowned author and poet of the English language”. His works are an essential piece of culture and literature, providing a glimpse into history and the human condition.

His ability to capture emotion and tell stories that can move people even today is what makes him the great he is. With his unique insight into both human relationships and life in general, it’s no surprise he was referred to as “The Bard”. He was a master storyteller and his ability to craft characters and draw stories that can stay with us long after reading them makes Shakespeare stand out even to this day.


William Shakespeare is known as The Bard for a reason. He set the bar for writers and poets throughout the ages and his works are still studied and performed today. His stories and plays provide a unique insight into the human condition and his characters and scenes still hold strong after four centuries. Whether you love reading his works or watching them on stage, William Shakespeare is truly worthy of the title “The Bard”. Citations:- https://twitter. com/easton_press/status/1389008440824610816- https://www. poetryfoundation. org/poetrymagazine/articles/244882/william-shakespeare-the-bard- https://shakespeare. mit. edu/biography/

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