Why Is Seventeen Called Seventeen?

Have you ever been curious as to why the age of seventeen has a special name? It seems that everyone knows this age is often discussed as a time of great growth but have you ever stopped to wonder why seventeen is its own unique name? In this article we will explore the history of the origins of the term “seventeen” and the various theories and anecdotes surrounding why this uniquely important age carries its special name.

By the end of this article, we will have uncovered the fascinating story behind why seventeen is known as seventeen. So buckle up, because this journey through history is about to begin.

Why is Seventeen Called Seventeen?

The term “Seventeen” is closely linked to an age group, but do you know exactly why it is called seventeen? When and how did this term originate?

The Meaning Behind the Term “Seventeen”

The term “Seventeen” originates from the Latin form of the Cardinal number “septem” and “decern”. “Septem” or “septimus” means ​seventh​ and “decern” or “decimus” means

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