Why Is Root Beer Called Root Beer?

Have you ever sat down with a frosty mug of root beer and wondered why it is called “root beer”? If so, you are not alone. For many root beer fans, the unique name behind this popular beverage has been a source of curiosity for a long time.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the history behind root beer and how its signature name came to be. So grab a seat, grab a mug and let’s dive into the fascinating world of root beer and learn why it is called root beer!

Why is Root Beer Called Root Beer?

Root beer has been around for many years, and it has been a much-loved beverage for generations. Despite its popularity, many people may not be aware of why it got its name.

In this article, we’ll explore the origins of root beer and why it is called what it is.

The History of Root Beer

Root beer has a fascinating and complex history.

Its modern-day incarnation is believed to have originated during the late 19th century in the United States as an alcoholic beverage. Today, it is a popular soft drink that is free of alcohol. Root beer has been made with a variety of ingredients, including sassafras, wintergreen, vanilla, and other herbs.

The specific recipe varies by manufacturer. Root beer was originally flavored with extracts from the bark and roots of trees and plants, including sarsaparilla and sassafras.

The Word “Root Beer”

The word “root beer” is thought to have come from the early days of the drink’s production. The recipe for root beer was made using roots and barks, and “root beer” was an easy way to describe the beverage. In other parts of the world, root beer is known as sarsaparilla.

Root Beer Varieties

The flavors of root beer have evolved over the years, and today there are a number of varieties available, including cream, black, and dry versions. Some brands, such as Virgil’s, focus on using more interesting, complex flavors that may include clove and other spices.

Additionally, there is a wide variety of root beer-flavored candy, snacks, and other products.


Root beer is a beloved drink that has been enjoyed for generations. Its origins and name are tied to the drink’s original recipe, which was made with roots and barks. Today, there are a variety of different flavors and varieties to enjoy. Citations: https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Root_beerhttps://www. thespruceeats. com/what-is-root-beer-4768364https://www. thekitchn. com/the-difference-in-types-of-root-beer-104303

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