Why Is Queen Elizabeth Called Lilibet?

Have you ever wondered why Queen Elizabeth II is also referred to as “Lilibet?” With an impressive portfolio of royal titles, the Queen of the United Kingdom is known by many across the world.

Though not one of her official titles, Lilibet, or Lillibet, is a pseudonym that has been used by members of the royal family for years. In this article, we’ll explore the unique origin of Queen Elizabeth’s nickname and its ties to the British monarchy. Keep reading to learn all the details behind why Queen Elizabeth is called Lilibet!

Why is Queen Elizabeth Called Lilibet?

Queen Elizabeth is currently the longest-serving British monarch since Queen Victoria.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21 April, 1926 in London. She was born during a period when the United Kingdom was in the thick of social, economic and political change, and her family was no stranger to these issues. The origin of her unique nickname Lilibet dates back to her childhood and is as unique as her reign as queen.

Early Life

The Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was born to parents King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, who was the Duchess of York. Her family addressed the young princess as Lilibet and this name stuck with her throughout the years. The name Lilibet, reportedly, originated from a young Elizabeth’s inability to say her own name properly.

Her grandfather George V and her mother Queen Elizabeth shortened the young princess’s name from Elizabeth to Lilibet, which she would eventually come to use herself.

An Enduring Nickname

What was once a nickname for young Elizabeth has now become and endearing nickname for the longest-serving monarch in British history.

The Queen has made references to it being her ‘family nickname’ in multiple speeches over the years. On turning 94 this year 2021, Her Majesty The Queen released a speech on her Twitter page, wherein she fondly referred to herself as “Lilibet”.


Queen Elizabeth has no doubt had an impact on the world, from the moment she was born and the nickname given to her by her family.

This endearing nickname of Lilibet has stuck with her throughout her reign as Queen, even when addressing herself in public. She had proven that a strong and powerful woman can still have an endearing and iconic nickname.

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