Why Is Portland Called Rip City?

For sports fans, Portland is well known as “Rip City”—but why? While many cities have nicknames associated with them, most of them don’t have nicknames related to sports.

But why is Portland given the name Rip City? To understand this phenomenon, we must first look back at Portland’s sports history. Let’s trace back the origin story of why Portland is known as Rip City and how the nickname rose to prominence.

Why Is Portland Called “Rip City?”

Portland, Oregon is known for being one of the most exciting and lively cities in the United States.

It has an incredible culture, amazing food, and lots of things to do and see. But there’s one other thing that makes Portland unique – its nickname.

The Origins of “Rip City”

The origin of the nickname “Rip City” is a bit of a mystery.

Some people believe it was first used by the Radio Play-By-Play announcer Bill Schonely in reference to a jump shot made by Portland Trail Blazers player, Johnny Davis. Davis’ jump shot supposedly won the game for the Blazers and Schoneley shouted “Rip City, all right!

”However, this story may not be true. The phrase “Rip City” was actually first used in 1966 in a sports column in the Oregonian, a local newspaper. The phrase was meant to give readers an easy way to refer to the city of Portland (the paper often wrote columns about the Blazers).

The Meaning of “Rip City”

So what does “Rip City” mean? The phrase was originally meant to describe the energy and spirit of the city, as well as its unique personality. The word “rip” is a reference to the idea of something being “ripped” away, like a band ripping into a song.

In this case, “Rip City” is referring to the city’s spirit or energy, as if it is being ripped away from the rest of the world.

Why Is It Such a Common Nickname?

The nickname “Rip City” has become more popular due to the rise of the Portland Trail Blazers, one of the most successful basketball teams in the NBA. The team has embraced the nickname and used it on their jerseys and logos. The city has also adopted it, proclaiming it to be the official slogan of Portland. It is now a common phrase among fans of the team and of the city.


The origin of the nickname “Rip City” is a bit mysterious, but its meaning is clear: it describes the unique energy and spirit of Portland, Oregon. The popularity of the phrase has been boosted by the success of the Portland Trail Blazers basketball team, and the city has proudly embraced it as its official slogan. Whether you’re a fan of basketball, Portland, or neither, it’s impossible to deny that “Rip City” is now synonymous with the city of Portland. Citations: https://www. thevintagenews. com/2017/06/08/why-is-portland-called-rip-city/https://www. trailblazers. com/news/what-does-rip-city-meanhttps://www. opb. org/news/article/rip-city-portland-trail-blazers-knee/

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