Why Is Portland Called Pdx?

Have you ever wondered why Portland, Oregon is sometimes referred to as ‘PDX’? It’s an enigmatic moniker that speaks to the city’s unique character and history. In this article, we’ll delve into why Portland is called ‘PDX’ and explore some of the ways this nickname has become embedded in the culture of the city.

From airport codes to sports teams, we’ll show you why Portlanders are proud to call their home ‘PDX’. So, why is Portland called ‘PDX’?

Let’s get started and find out.

Why is Portland Called PDX?

Have you ever wondered why Portland is often referred to as “PDX” or “PDX Airport” by locals and visitors?

Portland International Airport (PDX for short) is the main reason why the city of Portland, Oregon is often referred to as PDX. This nickname has become so popular that it is often referenced in movies and sung in songs.

The Origin of PDX as a Nickname

The code “PDX” is the code assigned to the Portland International Airport by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

PDX stands for “Portland, Oregon”, and was first used in the 1930s when it was adopted as the two-letter code (airport code) of the city’s main airport. Over time, this code has become so popular that it has become the common nickname for the city of Portland itself. The popularity of PDX as the city’s nickname has skyrocketed in recent years due to the huge growth in tourism, especially among millennial travelers.

Many TV shows, movies and songs have featured references to Portland or PDX, and this has helped fuel the nickname’s growth even more.

Why Do People Sour PDX as a Nickname?

One reason why people prefer to use PDX as a nickname for Portland is because it is much easier to say than “Portland”. Another reason is that people find it easier to remember the airport code than the name of the actual city. Plus, the airport is one of the main points of entry for visitors to the city and is often what most people think of when they hear the name “Portland”.

Finally, PDX is much more hip and modern than saying “Portland”. It makes the city seem more exciting and fashionable, which is something many millennials and young people are attracted to.


In conclusion, the nickname PDX has been adopted by locals and visitors to refer to the city of Portland, Oregon, mainly because it is the two-letter code (airport code) of the Portland International Airport. It is also easier to remember than the actual name of the city and much more hip and trendy, which makes it attractive to young visitors. Citation URL:https://www. portofportland. com/newsroom/detail/airport_historyhttps://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Portland_International_Airporthttps://www. pdx. edu/tlc/pdxhttps://www. tourismportland. com/article/travelers-flocking-portland

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