Why Is Phi Gamma Delta Called Fiji?

Welcome to the mysterious world of college fraternities! Have you ever asked yourself why Phi Gamma Delta – known to most simply as “Fiji” – is called the “Fiji” fraternity?

There is a rich history behind the name and its origin, and I’m going to take you on a journey to explore the answer to this oft-asked question. So sit back, relax, and let’s travel through time as we try to unravel this story!

Why is Phi Gamma Delta Called Fiji?

Phi Gamma Delta, commonly referred to as “Fiji,” is one of the oldest and most prominent fraternities in the United States.

Founded in 1848 at Jefferson College, Phi Gamma Delta is one of the original “fraternal five,” a group of five college fraternities that also includes Sigma Nu, Kappa Alpha, Beta Theta Pi, and Alpha Tau Omega. Since its founding, Phi Gamma Delta has played an important role in American collegiate life, with chapters present at institutions of higher education around the world. But why is it called “Fiji” instead of “Phi Gamma Delta?

” Let’s explore the origin of this name.

A Brief History of Phi Gamma Delta

Originally established under the name “Sigma Phi Sigma,” the fraternity changed its name to Phi Gamma Delta shortly after it was founded in 184 This rebranding was done for two primary reasons.

First, it was meant to signify the fraternity’s growth beyond the boundaries of Jefferson College and create a sense of unity among all its chapters. Second, it gave the fraternity a new and unique moniker that was easy to pronounce and remember.

This new name quickly stuck, and the fraternity began to refer to itself as “Fiji. “

Fiji and Greek Symbols

Although the exact origin of the name “Fiji” is unknown, it is widely believed to be derived from the Greek letter Phi.

Phi is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet, and it is pronounced “fee. ” When combined with Gamma and Delta, symbols of the other two letters in the fraternity’s name, the phrase “fee-gee-dee” is formed, which is believed to be the source of the name “Fiji. “


In conclusion, the name “Fiji” is a unique name that has been associated with Phi Gamma Delta since the fraternity’s founding in 184

Although the exact origin of this name is unknown, it is widely believed to be derived from the Greek letters of Phi, Gamma, and Delta, combined to form the phrase “fee-gee-dee. ” This name has since become synonymous with the fraternity, and it has come to be known as “Fiji” to current and former members.

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