Why Is Pharrell Called Skateboard P?

We’ve all heard the name of multi-talented producer, singer and songwriter, Pharrell Williams. But have you ever wondered where the name ‘Skateboard P’ comes from? Well, today we will unravel this mystery and explore the reasons why Pharrell was given the nickname ‘Skateboard P’.

Growing up in a coastal town in Virginia, Pharrell developed a strong admiration for the skateboarding culture and this has played a big role in his success today. We’ll take a look at how Pharrell began to blend his music career with this love of skateboarding, and find out why his unique style earned him the ‘Skateboard P’ moniker!

Why is Pharrell Called Skateboard P?

Pharrell Williams, popularly known as Skateboard P, is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer.

He rose to fame in the early 90s with his rap duo, The Neptunes, where he wrote and produced many hit songs. Since then, he has gone on to win numerous Grammy awards, release his own albums, and even collaborate with many mainstream artists. He is one of the most influential figures in music today and is renowned for his unique style, which combines elements from all types of genres.

So why, out of all the names in the world, is he called ‘Skateboard P’?

Early Career as Skateboard P

The origin of the name ‘Skateboard P’ dates back to Williams’ early skateboarding days in Virginia Beach.

As an avid skateboarder, he often found himself cruising around the local skate parks with his friends. Since he was often seen with a skateboard, his friends began to call him ‘Skateboard P’. The nickname soon grew in popularity amongst his peers and it eventually transcended its usage on the streets in Virginia to becoming a part of his public persona.

The Neptunes

With the formation of The Neptunes in 1994, Skateboard P found success with his production and songwriting work. The duo’s funk and electro-inspired sound gained huge recognition in the music industry and quickly propelled them to international fame.

Many of their tracks, including “Drop it Like it’s Hot” and “I Just Wanna Love U” were well-received by audiences around the world and helped to solidify William’s nickname as ‘Skateboard P’.


Although Skateboard P has gone on to achieve great success with his own solo career, the nickname he earned in his early days as a passionate skateboarder has remained with him over the years. The nickname was an ode to his love for skateboarding and it has become a beloved part of his public persona.

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