Why Is Pete Davidson Called Skete?

Are you a fan of ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Pete Davidson? Then you may be curious about his widely used and widely discussed nickname, ‘Skete’. In this article, we will explore the origins of this nickname and explore the implications of the use of this nickname.

We will answer the question, “Why is Pete Davidson called Skete?” along with providing some entertaining facts and stories about Pete Davidson’s rise to fame.

So, let’s get on with it and find out why everyone is calling him Skete!

Why Is Pete Davidson Called Skete?

Pete Davidson is an American comedian, actor, and writer, who is popular for his stint on Saturday Night Live. He has become an important part of the entertainment world and is loved and admired by many.

But one thing that has people wondering is, why is Pete Davidson called “Skete”?

The Origin of the Nickname

The nickname “Skete” was first used by Pete Davidson himself.

The story goes that when he was very young, Pete used to trip over his own shoes and fall. As a result, people joked about it and started calling him Skete. And that’s how the name stuck.

It has now become a part of his persona and he is sometimes referred to as Skete even by people close to him.

The Meaning of the Nickname

The nickname “skete” is usually given to someone with an awkward or clumsy demeanor.

It is derived from the word “sketch” which refers to sketches or drawings that depict an awkward moment or an ungainly action. Thus the name “skete” implies that Pete often trips up and makes clumsy mistakes.

Pete Davidson’s Comical Abilities

Despite this nickname, Pete Davidson is anything but clumsy.

His comedy is sharp and witty and he is known for making people laugh with his dry sense of humor. He also often references his tumultuous life in his comedy.


Pete Davidson’s own clumsiness gave birth to his nickname “Skete”. While the nickname implies awkwardness, it cannot overshadow his skills as a comedian. Pete is an immensely popular comedian whose career is growing all the time. Citation URL:https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Pete_Davidsonhttps://www. theguardian. com/tv-and-radio/2018/sep/04/pete-davidson-comic-star-snl-queen-builderhttp://www. nbc. com/saturday-night-live/cast/pete-davidson-29131

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