Why Is North Carolina Called The Tar Heels?

From its rugged coastlines and Appalachian Mountains to its endlessly fascinating history and culture, North Carolina has rightfully earned the nickname “the Tar Heel State. ” But why is it called the Tar Heel State?

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the fascinating history behind this nickname and how it came to be. As you dive deeper into the many wonders of North Carolina’s past, you’ll begin to understand why it truly is deserving of its nickname!

Why is North Carolina Called the Tar Heels?

North Carolina has been called the Tar Heel State for over 100 years, and the nickname is deeply embedded in the culture and identity of the state and the people who live there.

But the origin of the nickname is a mystery. Over the decades, various explanations have been proposed, but no one knows for sure where it came from. Here, we explore some of the possible explanations for why this nickname has come to be synonymous with the great state of North Carolina.

The Tar Makers of Durham, North Carolina

One of the most popular theories behind North Carolina’s nickname is that it has its roots in the tar-making industry in Durham. The city was known for its tar production back in the 1800s and it is thought that the workers that toiled in these hot, sticky plants were sometimes referred to as “tar heels. “

A Civil War Battle Cry

Another popular explanation for the nickname is that it was the battle cry used by North Carolina soldiers during the Civil War.

According to some historians, the phrase was shouted by North Carolina troops when they were in battle, with the intent to inspire courage and motivate their fellow soldiers.

The Logging Connection

One lesser-known explanation for the nickname is that it dates back to the logging industry in North Carolina.

During the 1800s, the state was home to some of the nation’s largest timber operations. It is said that the loggers would strap rails to the feet of their horses to prevent them from slipping in the wet and muddy conditions, thus earning them the name “tar heels.


Despite all of these possible theories, the true origin of North Carolina’s nickname is unknown. What we do know is that the phrase “Tar Heels” has been used to refer to the people of North Carolina for over a century, and it has become a source of pride and identity for the residents of the state. Citation URL:https://en.

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