Why Is New Jersey Called The Garden State?

New Jersey has always been known for its stunning beauty, with its tree-lined roads, rolling hills, and vast forests. From its breathtaking coastline along the eastern seaboard to its woodsy landscapes, it’s no wonder it has been coined “the garden state.

” But why is New Jersey called the garden state? Let’s explore the history and meaning behind this nickname and see how it came to be.

Why is New Jersey Called The Garden State?

New Jersey, located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, has been affectionately known as The Garden State since 192

Since its founding, the state has earned its nickname due to its abundance of lush, flora-filled landscapes, the state’s proud agricultural heritage, and its association with one of the most beloved presidents of the 20th century. This article will explore the origin of New Jersey’s nickname, why it has endured over the years, and how it is celebrated today.

Origin of the Nickname

The use of ‘The Garden State’ first appeared in an April, 1876 edition of the New-Jersey Gazette.

In the article, the author praised the state’s natural beauty, writing, “No more appropriate motto could be selected for the great Garden State of New Jersey. ” As a result, the phrase slowly began to take hold, and by 1928, the New Jersey State Legislature declared ‘The Garden State’ as the official State Motto.

The Garden State’s Abundant Flora

New Jersey is home to a variety of lush, green landscapes that have become known as ‘The Garden State. ‘ From the rolling hills of the Northwestern area, to the densely forested Pine Barrens to the south, and the numerous coastal resorts located on the Jersey Shore, the state boasts an impressive array of plant and animal life. With a variety of areas to explore and enjoy, it’s easy to see why the name ‘The Garden State’ resonates with so many.

Agriculture and Presidential Associations

Agriculture has long been an important part of life in New Jersey, and the state is home to various farms that are involved in various agricultural activities ranging from fruit and vegetable production to dairy farming. Furthermore, the nickname has also been associated with one of the state’s most famous citizens, President Grover Cleveland, who was born and raised in Caldwell, New Jersey and spent much of his adult life in the state.

Celebrating the Garden State

Today, New Jersey celebrates its nickname in a variety of ways, from an annual celebration known as ‘Garden State Day’ to the incorporation of the nickname into official state logos and license plates. The nickname is also commonly used by locals to refer to their beloved home state and features prominently in travel slogans.


New Jersey’s nickname, The Garden State, has a long history and is tied to the state’s abundant flora, proud agricultural heritage, and association with one of the most beloved presidents of the 20th century.

Today, the nickname is celebrated in a variety of ways, from an annual celebration to official state logos and license plates. Citations URL: https://www. 50states. com/nickname/nj-nickname. htm https://www. state. nj. us/state/facts/gardenstate. shtml https://www. explorenj. org/travel-tours/10-reasons-why-new-jersey-called-garden-state https://www. clementbrunson. com/blog/new-jersey-why-the-garden-state

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