Why Is Liquor Called Spirits?

Alcohol has long been an integral part of social gatherings and celebrations throughout the centuries, and it’s no surprise that the term “spirits” is often used to refer to liquor. But why exactly is liquor called spirits? This article will explore the history of liquor and why it is often referred to as “spirits”.

From the distillation process and its mystical origins to its historic import in cultures, we will uncover the origins of the term “spirits” and its connection to liquor. So grab a glass and let’s take a deeper dive into why liquor is referred to as spirits!

Why is Liquor Called Spirits?

At some point, everybody grows curious and wants to know why liquor is called “spirits”. If you have ever asked this question, you are in the right place.

This article will answer all your questions regarding why liquor is called spirits.

What is Spirits?

Spirits or liquor is any alcoholic beverages that contain ethanol and are usually consumed in small amounts or shots. This is an alcohol that’s meant to be used for human consumption. Typically, the concentration of alcohol in spirits is much higher than in most other alcoholic drinks.

Spirits also vary in terms of taste, look, and aroma depending on how and from where they are produced.

The Use of ‘Spirits’ to Describe Alcoholic Beverages

While the word “spirits” isn’t new, it has likely been around since as early as 140

However, the precise origin of it is still unknown. Many historians believe that the term “spirits” used to describe alcoholic beverages may have come from the Latin word “spiritus”, which means “breath”. This makes sense because of the vapors released from alcohol when it is distilled.

Another explanation could be that the word “spirits” originates from the Old French term “espirit”, which means “spirit” or “spiritual essence”. This reference was used to describe the idea that the drinker would feel a certain spiritual change after taking alcoholic beverages, though this explanation is arguably more mythical than the first.

Spirit vs. Liquor

In some parts of the world, including the United States and Canada, the word “spirit” is used interchangeably with “liquor” to refer to whiskey, brandy and other distilled beverages. However, the term “liquor” also refers to any alcoholic beverage made from a fermentable liquid, a distinction which can also encompass beer and wine.


In conclusion, the exact origin of the word “spirits” is unknown. It may have originated from the Latin word “spiritus”, or the Old French term “espirit”. While the term “spirits” is sometimes used interchangeably with “liquor”, spirits are generally considered to be distilled alcoholic beverages that contain ethanol and are usually consumed in small amounts or shots.

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