Why Is It Called Victoria’S Secret?

Victoria’s Secret has become one of the world’s most beloved lingerie brands – synonymous with glamour and luxury. Most of us know what the brand is, but have you ever asked yourself why it’s named Victoria’s Secret?

Are we meant to assume that Victoria is a wealthy queen keeping her lingerie purchases her special little secret? Or, is there a deeper meaning behind the name? Read our article to find out the answer to why it’s called Victoria’s Secret – or at least the story of how it came to be!

Why is it called Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria’s Secret is a well-known lingerie and beauty company based in America.

The brand has become famous for its luxurious lingerie, fragrances and sleepwear, but many people don’t know why the company is named Victoria’s Secret. In this article, we’ll look at the history of the company and find out why it’s called Victoria’s Secret.

Founding of the Brand

Victoria’s Secret was founded in San Francisco, California in 197

The founder, Roy Raymond, had the idea to create a lingerie store which was higher-end and less intimidating than the traditional lingerie store. He wanted to make women feel more comfortable purchasing lingerie, and thought a boutique-style setting would be more inviting to shoppers.

The company was named Victoria’s Secret after Queen Victoria, who is widely known for setting the standard of modesty and propriety in the 19th century.

Roy’s Vision

Raymond has said in interviews that he named the company ‘Victoria’s Secret’ because he wanted his customers to feel like they were buying lingerie as part of a secret between themselves and the Queen. This sentiment is also reflected in the company’s advertising and campaigns, which often feature mysterious and romantic images.

Victoria’s Secret Today

Today, Victoria’s Secret has grown into a multi-billion dollar company. The company sells lingerie, sleepwear, and beauty products in over 1,500 stores worldwide. The company’s lingerie has become an iconic symbol of femininity and sensuality, and it has become one of the most recognizable clothing and beauty brands in the world.


Victoria’s Secret has become a much-loved lingerie and beauty brand. The company was founded by Roy Raymond in 1977, with the idea to create a higher-end and more inviting lingerie store.

He named the company ‘Victoria’s Secret’ after Queen Victoria to make customers feel as though they were sharing a secret with her. Today, the brand is internationally recognized and has become a symbol of beauty and femininity.

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