Why Is It Called The Solheim Cup?

Welcome, golf enthusiasts! Ever since the Solheim Cup was first introduced in 1990, it has been one of the most prestigious events in the ladies golfing world.

But have you ever wondered why it’s called the Solheim Cup? Well, you are about to find out! It turns out that the Solheim Cup was named after the founder and driving force behind its creation, Karsten Solheim.

In this article, we will take a deeper dive into Karsten Solheim’s life and how the Solheim Cup became the revered event that it is today. So get ready to discover why the Solheim Cup is arguably the most cherished event in women’s golf.

Why is it called the Solheim Cup?

The Solheim Cup is an annual golf competition between teams representing Europe and the United States. It has been held biennially since 1990 and is named after the Solheim family, who founded the sports equipment company Karsten Manufacturing.

The company’s founder, Karsten Solheim, donated the trophy for the event, which bears the family’s name. The competition illustrates the growing popularity of international golf tournaments, and since its formation can be credited for increasing the interest and participation of women in the sport.


The Solheim Cup was founded in 1990, the brainchild of the then-vice president of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and commissioning chairman of the inaugural Solheim Cup, former U. S. Golfer Judy Rankin.

At the time, the LPGA was looking for ways to increase the international presence of women’s golf and promote gender equality in the sport. The idea was to provide a competition that was similar to the Ryder Cup, which had become one of the most popular events in golf since its establishment in 192


The Solheim Cup follows the same match play format as the Ryder Cup, with the points awarded for each match split into halves. Each team consists of twelve players, and there are seventeen matches over three days of play.

Points are accumulated over the week, with the cross-continental winners being the team that accumulates the most points.


The Solheim Cup has been a lasting success since its inception, and continues to be enjoyed by golf fans all over the world. Its format and history demonstrate the importance of this international competition, as well as its commitment to gender equality in the sport.

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