Why Is It Called The Poop Deck?

Have you ever wondered why a seaman’s residence and galley on a warship is called the ‘poop’ deck? It’s an unusual name, and one with a centuries-old history – and a fascinating story connected with it. From the French term ‘la poupe’, meaning ‘the stern’, we can trace a path to where ‘poop deck’ originated – and its interesting evolution throughout the centuries.

In this article, we will uncover the surprisingly interesting story behind why this particular deck is called the ‘poop’ deck. So read on to learn more about the unique history behind one of the most iconic names in seafaring!

What is the Poop Deck?

The poop deck is the highest deck of a sailing vessel, located at the stern of a ship.

It gets its name from the fact that it was traditionally used for disposing of sailors’ waste, hence the nautical phrase “over the poop deck”. Today, the poop deck serves several purposes on today’s naval vessels, from accommodations and recreation to support of weapon systems and navigation.

Why is it called the Poop Deck?

The phrase “going over the poop deck” has been used to describe a variety of punishments and mistakes, originating from the early days of sailing. Since the poop deck was used for disposing of human waste, sailors were banned from the area. This made it the perfect place to send someone who had failed to follow the rules, metaphorically speaking.

When a sailor would engage in any misbehavior or misconduct, the traditional punishment was to be “sent over the poop deck,” which typically meant being sent away from the ship to work on their own until they were able to return to the ship. This phrase soon became a metaphor for a punishment of any kind.

In some cases, the poop deck was used to isolate a sailor for disciplinary reasons. From the stern of the ship, the sailor would not have any access to the ship’s interior, thus limiting his opportunities for mischief or bad behavior.

So, for centuries, the phrase “over the poop deck” came to mean any kind of punishment or disciplinary action, from a simple warning to severe repercussions such as expulsion from the ship.

What is the Poop Deck used for Today?

Today, the poop deck is still an important part of modern naval vessels.

It serves several purposes, such as:


The poop deck is often used as a crew quarters, providing living space for naval personnel. In some cases, the poop deck can also be used for storing cargo or providing shelter during offshore operations.


The poop deck can also be used as an area for recreation. On some ships, the area can be equipped with benches and chairs, allowing sailors to relax in the open air.

Weapon Systems Support

On modern naval vessels, the poop deck may be used to support weapon systems or navigation. For example, it can be used to mount antennas or other system components, or to house navigation instruments.


The poop deck is a significant part of a ship’s upper deck, traditionally used for disposing waste and once used as the backdrop for nautical punishments for those who misbehaved. Though its traditional use has long been obsolete, the poop deck is still an important part of today’s naval vessels, providing accommodations, recreation, and support for weapon systems and navigation. Citations URLs: https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Poop_deckhttps://www. thoughtco. com/what-was-the-poop-deck-2853862https://www. britannica. com/technology/naval-ship/Decks

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