Why Is It Called The Egg Bowl?

Have you ever wondered why football matches between Ole Miss and Mississippi State University are referred to as the Egg Bowl? Many people have, but surprisingly few know the answer. Football fans across Mississippi and the South have been watching the Egg Bowl for decades, but few know why it’s referred to as “the Egg Bowl”.

So why is it called the Egg Bowl? Let’s take a look at how this colorful name came to exist in college football.

Why is it Called The Egg Bowl?

The Egg Bowl is the long-standing rivalry between Mississippi State University (MSU) and the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). This annual football game began in 1902, and for the last 118 years, both teams and their fans have made their presence felt in stadiums across Mississippi.

The two teams have met in some high-stakes games over the years — from the dramatic 2001 Egg Bowl with the national championship on the line to the “Saban Bowl” of 2003 — and their rivalry is still as strong as ever.

So why is this football game known as the Egg Bowl?

It’s a name that’s stuck around for decades, despite neither team having anything to do with eggs.

The Origin of the Egg Bowl Name

The name Egg Bowl first came up in 197

That year, the rivalry between Ole Miss and Mississippi State had reached an all-time high. Both teams were undefeated and the game became a battle for bragging rights as the best team in Mississippi.

With so much on the line, newspapers began calling the game the “Battle for the Golden Egg.

” This “Golden Egg” was a reference to the traveling trophy that is given to the team that wins each year. Before the 1979 game, the trophy was simply called the “Mississippi Championship Trophy. “

The name stuck and since then, the rivalry has been known as the Egg Bowl.

The two teams have continued to fight for the Golden Egg each year, and the Egg Bowl is now one of the most highly-anticipated matchups on the college football calendar.

The Egg Bowl Brought to Life

In 2008, the Egg Bowl rivalry was brought to life in a new way.

Mississippi State and Ole Miss fans could now purchase their very own “Egg Bowl” merchandise, including t-shirts, Hoodies, and baseball caps. This was the first time fans had been able to buy Egg Bowl-branded merchandise and it quickly caught on.

Today, the Egg Bowl still stands as one of college football’s greatest rivalries. Fans of both teams continue to show their loyalty and support each year as they proudly don their Egg Bowl gear.


The name “Egg Bowl” has been associated with the rivalry between Mississippi State and Ole Miss for over 40 years. It’s a name that has come to represent the passion and intensity of this great rivalry. The two teams will continue to fight for the Golden Egg each year, and the Egg Bowl is sure to remain a staple on the college football schedule for years to come.

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