Why Is It Called The Devil’S Bathtub?

Have you ever heard of the place known as “The Devil’s Bathtub”? Wondering why such a name is given to such a place? Chances are you probably have not, but this fascinating wonder is definitely worth exploring further.

Located in the mountainous region of Virginia’s Scott County, the Devil’s Bathtub is an impressive natural wonder that has captured the imaginations of locals, as well as visitors for many years. The Devil’s Bathtub got its name not from its precarious natural beauty or its ominous looking rocky surface, but from its mysterious legend.

Let us explore the story behind this Devil’s Bathtub and find out the real reason why it is called the way it is.

Why is It Called the Devil’s Bathtub?

Have you ever heard of the Devil’s Bathtub?

You might’ve heard of it, but you’re not sure why it is called that. Well, let’s find out!

What is the Devil’s Bathtub?

The Devil’s Bathtub is a geological formation consisting of a deep, narrow pool carved out of Bedford County in Virginia. It is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the pool is surrounded by rocky walls nearly 50 feet high. It lies in a remote area and is accessible only by a very difficult trail, thus locals have called it the Devil’s Bathtub.

Historical Significance

The geographical feature has been around for a long time. In the 18th century it was used by Native Americans to perform tribal rituals, then it was later popular for settlers in the area during the Civil War.

During the 1920s, it was a swimming spot for locals, until it was closed due to some fatalities in the area.

Devil’s Bathtub Legend

Although the area’s original name is unknown, people started calling it the “Devil’s Bathtub” due to the legend they believed in.

As the story goes, the devil was enraged when Native Americans attempted to perform a ritual on his sacred site. Thus, he carved out the deep, narrow pool in the mountains as a punishment.


In conclusion, the Devil’s Bathtub is a geological formation in Bedford County, VA, which has been around for centuries.

It has a mysterious-sounding name because of a legend which claims that the devil himself carved out the pool as a punishment for Native Americans. It is no longer accessible for swimming but is a popular spot for visitors and adventurers looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience. Citation URLs: https://www. discoverbedford. com/the-devils-bathtub/https://www. onlyinyourstate. com/virginia/devilsbathtub-va/https://www. atlasobscura. com/places/devils-bathtub-virginia

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