Why Is It Called The Breakfast Club?

“When it comes to classic films, The Breakfast Club is certainly one that stands out. But ever wondered why it is called The Breakfast Club?

While some may think that the reason for the name is quite obvious, the truth may surprise you. In this article, we will explore the fascinating history behind the iconic name, so let’s take a closer look. “

Why Is It Called The Breakfast Club?

Have you ever heard of the 80’s classic movie The Breakfast Club? If you were alive in 1985 when it came out, you wouldn’t soon forget the classic movie, but why is it called The Breakfast Club?

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The Breakfast Club, written and directed by John Hughes, is a wonderful story about five high school students who are forced to spend a day together on Saturday detention. The students include cheerleader Claire, jock Andy, outcast John Bender, popular girl Allison and “brain” Brian.

It’s an amazing story of how one day can be life-changing for all of them, regardless of their personalities and backgrounds. The Breakfast Club was released on February 15, 1985, and became an iconic movie from the ’80s scene with its mix of comedy, drama, heart and soul.

By 1990, The Breakfast Club was rated the 18th Greatest film of all time by Entertainment Weekly. So what makes it so special, and why it is called The Breakfast Club?

The Term in High School

The term “Breakfast Club” isn’t just the title of a movie.

In high schools around the United States, the term is commonly used to refer to the first classroom period that starts earlier than the other classes. That class is usually considered the most important one and it’s also considered essential for a student’s performance and grade in school. That’s why, in some schools, the class is attended by students who are ahead, who have the best academic performance, or who need extra help.

The Movie Explains It

John Hughes was inspired by the term “Breakfast Club” when thinking of a title for the movie. He was referring to the scene in the movie when Brian reads a poem to the students which starts with these two lines, “And these children that you spit on, as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations.

They’re quite aware of what they’re going through. ” The movie is expressing an idea that every student, no matter how different they are in academic performance or in their backgrounds, they’re all trying to change their worlds. That’s why the movie is called The Breakfast Club and it’s why a part of the title of the poem is discussed so many times throughout the movie.


The Breakfast Club is an iconic movie that came out in the ’80s. The title of the movie has nothing to do with a breakfast restaurant or food in general, but it’s derived from the notion of the first period of the day in high school commonly referred to as “the breakfast club. ” It refers to the time in the day when those students who are ahead, who have the best academic performance or who need extra help, attend class. The movie expresses the idea that regardless of each student’s background or academic performance, they’re all trying to change their worlds. Citations: https://www. imdb. com/title/tt0088847/ https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/The_Breakfast_Club https://www. commonsensemedia. org/movie-reviews/the-breakfast-club

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