Why Is It Called Super Wild Card Weekend?

Have you ever heard of the term ‘Super Wild Card Weekend’ but weren’t quite sure what it meant? Well, you’re in luck! The term ‘Super Wild Card Weekend’ is a relatively new one in the world of professional sports and it’s an exciting one for sports fans.

In this article, we’ll explore why it’s called ‘Super Wild Card Weekend’, what it means for your favorite teams, and who might benefit the most from this new format. So, let’s get started and find out why it’s called ‘Super Wild Card Weekend’!

Why is it called Super Wild Card Weekend?

As the main season of NFL Football comes to an end, many fans are looking forward to the playoffs.

With all the exciting action that these playoffs entail, there stands one special event at the beginning of the playoffs which is getting increasingly popular every year – The Super Wild Card Weekend.

What is a Wild Card Weekend?

A wild card weekend can technically be defined as an extended post season playoff scheduled by National Football LLC that feature seven teams with three wild cards (that is, those with the most wins among the non-winners) from each conference.

The Super Wild Card weekend differs from the regular Wild Card Weekend in that the number of teams is much larger, and this makes for some very exciting games.

History of the Wild Card Weekend

The concept of a Wild Card Weekend in the NFL has its roots dating back to 1978, when the NFL changed its playoff structure.

The idea was to give teams with the most wins a chance to compete in the playoffs and make it to the Super Bowl. Over the years, the popularity of the Wild Card Weekend has grown significantly, and the event typically attracts large crowds of loyal fans.

What Makes the Super Wild Card Weekend Special?

There are several things that make the Super Wild Card Weekend stand out. While the regular Wild Card Weekend usually has just four games, the Super Wild Card Weekend has 13 games in total, which include six teams from the AFC and NFC conference. This makes it the longest and most exciting weekend of the NFL Playoffs.

The other distinguishing feature of the Super Wild Card Weekend is that the teams that are participating in the playoffs are determined only minutes before the game itself is set to start. This makes for previously unimagined edge-of-the-seat excitement, with teams scrambling to make last-minute preparations to make the most of the few hours of intensive playing time that are given to them.

The Super Wild Card Weekend also features an unprecedented use of technology, with coaches and players relying heavily on interactive tools and high-tech gadgets to make the most of their playing time.


The Super Wild Card Weekend has become a much-awaited event in the NFL calendar every year. With teams competing against each other in an unprecedented number of games, there is always a frenetic pace of action, and even the most die-hard of fans never know who will be crowned champions. Citation URL: https://www. cbssports. com/nfl/news/what-is-nfls-special-super-wild-card-weekend-explaining-the-new-format-for-2021/ https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Wild_card_(sports)

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