Why Is It Called Softball?

Introduction: Have you ever played a game of softball? It’s a classic summertime pastime with friends and family. But do you know why the game is called “softball”?

There’s actually quite a fascinating history behind the name, and behind the game itself. Read on to learn more about the history of softball, and why it’s called the name it is today.

Why is it Called Softball?

Softball, an adapted version of baseball, is a sport played between two teams of nine players on a diamond-shaped field. The sport was invented in Chicago in 1887 and has grown to become an international phenomenon.

But why is it called softball?

History of Softball

The game was developed from a popular indoor game called Indoor Base Ball in 1887 by George Hancock.

In the beginning, the sport was called “kitten ball” because it was viewed by some as a gentler variant of baseball. It was soon renamed “mush ball” due to the softness of the ball, and then later renamed indoor-outdoor baseball, before finally adopting the name softball in 192

Rules and Equipment of Softball

The game of softball mainly consists of two teams throwing a ball to each other and attempting to strike out the opposing team’s players. The ball used in a game is significantly softer than a baseball, which means that it is not as hard and can be caught easier. Other rules and equipment associated with the sport include the batter’s box, a catcher’s mitt, pitching rubbers, bats, helmets, bases and outfield foul lines.

Softball in the US

In the US, softball is one of the most popular sports, with more than 5 million people playing the game.

It is particularly popular among women, with 60% of all participants being female. The sport is played in a variety of formats, including slow-pitch, fast-pitch, modified softball, along with numerous competitions and tournaments at local, state and national levels.

Softball Around the World

Softball is played around the world in countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Africa and Europe.

In 2008, the International Softball Federation (ISF) was created to promote and develop the sport. The ISF is responsible for organizing world championships, international competitions and Olympic tournaments.


Softball has come a long way since its inception in Chicago over 130 years ago. Today it is one of the most popular sports in the USA, with many people playing the game across the globe. By understanding the history and rules behind the game, we can better appreciate why it is called ‘softball’. Citations:https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Softballhttps://www. sportydays. com/blog/softball-game-historyhttps://www. usatf. org/statistics/participation-trends. aspxhttps://web. worldbaseballsoftball. org/

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