Why Is It Called Skeleton?

Have you ever wondered exactly why humans refer to their internal bones as “skeletons”? Aside from being essential to our physical well-being, skeletons are a symbol of life, death and the afterlife—bringing together a plethora of cultural and religious traditions around the world.

But what is the origin of this iconic symbol? In this article, we’ll explore the different theories and historical precedents that scholars and archeologists have proposed to answer the question: why is it called a skeleton?

Why Is It Called Skeleton?

The word “skeleton” has been used for centuries to refer to something that is incomplete or lacking form. The term has been used in various contexts such as anatomy, architecture, engineering, literature and so on.

But where does the word ‘skeleton’ come from and why is it used the way it is?

Origin Of The Word Skeleton

The word comes from the Greek language, where it was used to describe the shape of a support structure that can be seen, but which is incomplete.

This incomplete structure is very similar to human bones. Hence, when we refer to a skeleton, we are talking about a basic structure that can be seen, but that lacks the details and features necessary to be ‘whole’.

How Is The Word Used?

The word ‘skeleton’ is used to refer to many different things in the modern world. It can be used to describe:
  • The main structure or framework of something.

  • A basic outline of an idea or document.
  • A set of instructions or details that need to be added.
  • A hidden structure that holds a particular design together.

For example, in software and website development, the term ‘skeleton’ is often used to refer to a basic outline of the code or design which developers can then build upon. This basic outline provides a framework for the developers to work from, and enables them to create just about anything they might like.

It is also used in architecture, where the term refer to a basic frame or structure, which can then be built upon. In literature, a skeleton is often used to refer to the outline or structure of an idea or book. As with the other uses, the skeleton is just a basic outline that can then be filled in and detailed.


The word ‘skeleton’ has been used for centuries, and it has taken on many different meanings in that time. It is primarily used to refer to something that is incomplete or that has a basic structure but lacks the necessary details or features. The term is used in a wide range of contexts such as software and website development, architecture, anatomy, engineering and literature. In each case, the term ‘skeleton’ is used to refer to something that is incomplete or lacks form. Citation url:- https://www. britannica. com/science/skeleton- https://en. oxforddictionaries. com/definition/skeleton- https://www. vocabulary. com/dictionary/skeleton

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