Why Is It Called She Crab Soup?

Do you ever find yourself wondering how certain food dishes get their name? Have you ever heard of she-crab soup and wondered to yourself, “Why is it called she crab soup?” It’s not hard to understand why people might be curious about the origins of this curious name!

After all, it isn’t obvious why it’s called she-crab soup instead of just crab soup or some other alternate name. In this article, we will be exploring the history of the name ‘she-crab soup’ and uncovering its fascinating origin story.

Why Is It Called She Crab Soup?

She crab soup is a traditional seafood dish served in the Lowcountry region of the United States. It is especially popular in the coastal states of South Carolina and Georgia.

But what makes this soup so special? And why is it called she crab soup?

In this blog, we will explore the history of this dish and why it is called she crab soup.

Origins of She Crab Soup

She crab soup has its origins in the traditional cooking techniques of the Lowcountry region.

This region is home to many coastal towns and cities along the Atlantic Coast of the southeastern United States, from Virginia to Georgia. The cuisine of the Lowcountry is marked by its use of locally caught seafood, and she crab soup is no exception. Locals have enjoyed this flavorful soup for generations and it is now considered a regional delicacy.

What Is She Crab Soup?

She crab soup is a creamy and flavorful seafood soup, typically made with crab meat, a fish or shrimp stock, and a variety of seasonings. The most common ingredients include onions, celery, garlic, sherry, worcestershire sauce, heavy cream, and lemon juice.

The soup is usually finished with a dollop of rich, orange-colored crab roe, which is why it is called she crab soup.

Why She Crab Soup?

The term “she crab” is actually derived from the female of the local species of blue crabs. The female crabs contain more roe, or eggs, than the males, so this is why the soup is associated with the female crabs.


She crab soup is a traditional delicacy of the Lowcountry region. It is made with a creamy, fish stock, and a variety of seasonings and finished with a dollop of orange-colored crab roe. The term “she crab” is derived from the local species of female blue crabs, which contain more roe than the males. Citations: https://www. thespruceeats. com/she-crab-soup-3051335https://travelwritesomething. com/what-is-she-crab-soup/https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Lowcountry

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