Why Is It Called Shark Valley?

Welcome to Shark Valley! Have you ever wondered why this remarkable place is so named?

Here, you’ll discover the fascinating history behind why this incredible park was given such a unique name. Spanning 15 miles of primeval wetlands, Shark Valley is an ecological wonder located in the Everglades National Park. With its awe-inspiring beauty and fascinating wildlife, Shark Valley brings in visitors from all around the world year-round.

But the true allure of this place lies in its mysterious nickname. From the curious origins of the name to the thrilling sights and sounds, you’ll learn all about Shark Valley’s history and why it’s such a unique destination. So get ready to dive deep into the fascinating world of why Shark Valley is so named.

Why is It Called Shark Valley?

Shark Valley is a part of the Everglades National Park, located in the southwest part of the state of Florida in the United States. Named after the local people who were once known as Sharks, it’s a scenic wetland area that draws visitors from around the world.

But why is it called Shark Valley?

Historical Background

Sharks were the earliest inhabitants of the Everglades region, considered by some to be the first settlers of South Florida.

They were a semi-nomadic group of small farmers and hunters who lived off the land for centuries. The name “Shark Valley” is thought to be derived from the Seminole word “sharks”, meaning “people. “

Shark Valley’s Natural Environment

Shark Valley is a part of the Everglades National Park and has been designated as a wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention.

It consists of hardwood swamps, cypress swamps, freshwater marshes, and sloughs. It’s characterized by a unique topography composed of limestone landforms, most notably the limestone troughs that stretch for miles, forming a large depression.

The area is home to an array of wildlife, including alligators, turtles, and exotic birds.

Shark Valley Today

Today, Shark Valley is a popular spot for visitors to the Everglades.

It’s home to a 15-mile loop road, hiking trails, and a wildlife observation tower. Visitors can explore the area in a variety of ways, including by tram, bicycle, or foot. The tram ride is particularly popular as it allows visitors to get close to the wildlife along the loop road.


Shark Valley is a stunning part of the Everglades National Park, dubbed the “River of Grass” for its vast wetlands ecosystem. It’s named for the early settlers of South Florida, the Sharks. Today, it’s a popular spot for visitors to experience the beauty of the Everglades and spot some of the local wildlife. Citation URL:https://www. nps. gov/ever/learn/nature/upload/everglades-ecosystem. pdfhttps://www. nps. gov/ever/planyourvisit/sharkvalley. htm

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