Why Is It Called Salt Water Taffy?

Growing up on the beach, I have many fond memories of the annual family vacations I would take with my parents and siblings. If there was one thing that always made those trips the most memorable, it was the trips to the small beachside taffy shop to buy salt water taffy.

Have you ever wondered why it was called salt water taffy? It turns out that it’s not because the taffy is made with salt water, as many believe. In fact, it’s called salt water taffy because it originated from the Jersey Shore.

What is the origin of this delicious treat, and why is it called salt water taffy? Let’s explore the history of this tasty treat and find out.

Why is It Called Salt Water Taffy?

Salt water taffy is a unique type of candy. It’s a sweet, chewy and hard-to-find treat that’s been around for well over 100 years.

The origins and history of salt water taffy are steeped in mystery, which has left many people wondering: why is it called salt water taffy?

The Name

The name “salt water taffy” likely comes from a combination of two sources.

Firstly, the history of taffy itself has a connection to the sea. In the 1800s, Atlantic City’s boardwalk began selling a version of taffy made with saltwater, hence the word saltwater being incorporated into its name.

Secondly, taffy was thought to have been originally made in England, with the word “taffy” being derived from the Welsh term daffy, which means “sweet”.

A Beach Treat

Salt water taffy is most closely associated with Beach destinations such as Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore. As soon as its name became synonymous with the shore, tourists began coming in droves to sample the unique treat.

In addition to the well-known flavor combinations, expect unique flavors to pop up as you hit up local taffy shops.

Taffy Inside and Out

Salt water taffy isn’t just inside the wrapper.

The company Taffy Town Inc. has taken the classic treat and modified it to be used as a coating on a variety of items. This includes things like chocolates, pretzels, and cookies.

You can even get your favorite flavor as a topping for an ice cream sundae or blended into a milkshake.


Salt water taffy is a sweet, iconic treat that has been around since the late 1800s. Its name is thought to come from its original method of being made with saltwater combined with the Welsh word “daffy” which translates to “sweet”. To this day, salt water taffy is most closely associated with the Jersey Shore, and many people visit the beach solely for the purpose of trying out this unique delicacy. Citation URL: https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Taffy https://www. taffytown. com/

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