Why Is It Called Rivervale?

Have you ever heard of the charming town of Rivervale? It’s a picturesque community, located in the rolling hills of northern California.

While the town’s location is lovely, it’s what the town is named after that is truly remarkable. Rivervale owes its name to a miraculously winding river that served as the territory’s original boundary line — a river that could be traced back to the gold-mining days of the mid-19th century. It’s a story of how an inspiring landscape of thick redwood growth and greenery shaped Rivervale’s name and identity.

Join us as we trace the course of the Rivervale River and explore the town’s history in our journey to answer the question — why is it called Rivervale?

What is Rivervale?

Rivervale is a township located in northern York County, Pennsylvania — around thirty miles south of Harrisburg. It is 1

7 square miles in size and has a resident population of around 2,800 people. It has one elementary school, one post office, several churches, and a large flat open area called Mill Road — which is a popular spot for locals to fish and canoe.

Why is It Called Rivervale?

Rivervale is named after the nearby Susquehanna River, which is the largest river in the fourteen states that makes up the Appalachian Mountains.

According to local folklore, when the first settlers arrived in the area in the late 1700s, they were so impressed by the river and its banks that they decided to name the settlement after the beautiful waterway.

History in the Making

By 1806, the area was known as River Vale but by the turn of the twentieth century, it was officially known as Rivervale. Over 159 years later, the name Rivervale is still known to many as an unincorporated community in York County.

An Active Local Community

Today, Rivervale is an active and vibrant local community. A small local store, an appliance shop, two auto-repair shops, a mini-golf course, and a small post office are all at the heart of the township.

Rivervale also has three churches and a volunteer fire company that serves the community, making it a great place to live.


Rivervale is a small yet vibrant community in northern York County, PA that has grown over the centuries. The township has one elementary school, one post office, several churches, and a large open flat area perfect for leisure activities.

The area is named after the Susquehanna River, which has been a source of beauty and grandeur for centuries. Today, the area retains its original beauty, with a small local store, two auto-repair shops, a mini-golf course, and a volunteer fire company. This makes Rivervale a great place to live and call home. Citation URL: https://www. macinnes. net/blog/what-is-Rivervalehttps://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Rivervale,_York_County,_Pennsylvania

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