Why Is It Called Rivervale Now?

Welcome to Rivervale! Have you ever wondered why this small hamlet was named Rivervale? It’s an interesting story that reveals much about the history and culture of this small town.

It turns out that Rivervale is named after a river that runs near the town. It is said that settlers chose to settle there because the river provided an excellent source of water needed for their crops and livestock.

But why did they choose to call it Rivervale? Read on to find out!

Why is it Called Rivervale Now?

Rivervale is a small area along the Middle Allegheny River in western Pennsylvania.

It has been home to a variety of people, from Revolutionary War soldiers to immigrants from Eastern Europe. Over the years, the area has evolved drastically, prompting many to ask. .

. why is it called Rivervale now?

History of the Name

Originally, the area was known as “The Gap” because of a narrow gap where the river passed through mountains. In 1901, the Pennsylvania Legislature approved the name “Rivervale”. The name was likely derived from the river itself and the rolling hills of the nearby countryside.

Evolution of the Region

Over the decades, Rivervale endured several major changes. In the 1930s, the region saw the arrival of a surge of eastern European immigrants who were looking to make new lives in the United States. Many of these immigrants brought with them their own customs and languages, and many of those are still alive in Rivervale today.

As the region continued to grow, so too did its industries. The area saw an influx of manufacturing plants and various other industries, helping to build the town’s economy.

With the continued growth of the population, the area also experienced an increase in crime, which necessitated the need for more police presence and stricter laws.

Evolution of the Name

As the town’s economy changed, so did its name. In the 1950s, the town was renamed to “Riverview”. This was done to better reflect the growing population and industry of the area. In 1960, it was changed again to its current moniker: Rivervale.


In the end, it’s clear why the area is called Rivervale now. By changing the name to reflect its growth and evolution, the region has accurately named itself for a better tomorrow. Citation URL: https://www. historicburgh. com/the-history-of-rivervale-pa/ https://www. pahistoricalmarkers. com/pennsylvania/dufferin

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