Why Is It Called Rendezook?

Ever wondered why a term like ‘Rendezook’ exists? What does it mean and why did it become more popular these days?

Such questions must have crossed your mind at some point, right? Well, in this article, we’ll tell you the story behind the term ‘rendezook’, how it originated, and the reason why it has been gaining such immense popularity recently. So, let’s start to dive deep into this interesting concept, and uncover the mystery behind the term ‘rendezook’.

Why is it called Rendezook?

Rendezook is a huge multiplayer battle royale game that has become very popular in recent years. The game has many references from popular culture and various term from different languages so it’s understandable why people may be confused as to where the word rendezook comes from.

Origin of the Word Rendezook

The word “rendezook” was originally coined by a Redditor named Humaniacs in a post on the official Rendezook Subreddit. The word is a combination of the French “rendez vou”, meaning “meet you”, and the English “kazoo”.

Essentially, the name combines the idea of a friendly meet up with the classic party music of a kazoo, the result being a name that’s catchy and fun.

Why the Name Rendezook Took hold

Aside from being a catchy and fun word, “rendezook” is a perfect fit for the game.

The battle royale genre requires teams of players to jump into a battlefield in a race to be the last person or team standing. As such, the term “rendezook” captures the idea of meeting with friends in the game and battle it out.


It’s quite easy to see why the name “rendezook” has taken hold in the gaming community and is now one of the most popular battle royale games out.

It’s a catchy and enjoyable name that neatly captures the spirit of the game. Citation URL: https://en.

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