Why Is It Called Pink Moon?

April 2020’s full Moon is one of the most fascinating celestial events of this year. As it rises on the night of the 7th, we’ll witness the so-called “Pink Moon” – an event that has been celebrated by different cultures and communities over hundreds of years. But why is it known as the Pink Moon?

That’s what we’re here to find out! By the end of this article, you’ll have a better grasp of how and why our Moon received this iconic name, and it’s likely to spark a newfound appreciation for the beauty of the night sky.

Why Is It Called Pink Moon?

The Pink Moon is the April full moon, though it may not actually appear pink in the sky.

In April of 2020, the Pink Moon is set to rise on April 8th. There is quite a bit of confusion on why this full moon is called the Pink Moon and why it doesn’t actually look pink.

Origin of the Name

The origin of the name Pink Moon is based on the seasonal vegetation.

Native Americans used the moon and its phases to track the months, and each phase was named after a plant or animal. The April full moon was named the Pink Moon because at this time of the year one of the earliest flower blooms is the Moss Pink.

It or Wild Ground Phlox is a wildflower that is native to many parts of North America and blooms in April and May.

Why Doesn’t the Moon Look Pink?

The pink hue that the Pink Moon gets its name from, is not reflected by the moon.

The color of the moon, as it appears in the night’s sky during a full moon, is the same but may appear brighter or paler, depending on what is happening in the atmosphere during the moon’s orbit. The reason why the moon’s color does not change is because the moon reflects light mostly in the same way, no matter how its orbit occurs. When the moon is in its fullest phase, its bright white light is caused by its reflection off the sun.

Sunlight reflects off the moon’s surface and causes it to look as if it is glowing. The moon is actually reflecting light from the sun and not producing its own light.


The Pink Moon is the April full moon, which is named for the Wild Ground Phlox flower that begins to bloom in April and May. The moon does not actually look pink in the night’s sky, its reflective properties cause the moon to appear bright white in the sky regardless of its orbit. Citations:- https://www. space. com/38103-what-is-a-pink-moon. html- https://www. almanac. com/content/full-moon-names- https://learn. eartheclipse. com/astronomy/atmospheric-optics/why-does-the-moon-look-the-same-all-forthnight/

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