Why Is It Called Money Piece Hair?

Have you ever heard of “money piece” hair? It seems like a very odd term to use when referring to hair and it may have you wondering why it’s called such. You’ll be pleased to know that there are a few interesting theories behind why this unique hairstyle is referred to as a “money piece.

” In this article, we’ll learn about the fascinating history behind this hairstyle, explore the different money piece hair styles, and get tips on how to rock the look. So, if you’re curious about money piece hair, keep reading!

What is Money Piece Hair?

Money piece hair is a type of hairdo that involves parting the hair on the sides near the temples and creating a ‘V’ shape on the crown of the head. It can be seen on people of all ages, genders and hair types.

The ‘V’ of money piece hair is often styled so that it looks like a single, large central parting, that when parted on either side, creates beautiful, full hair.

History Behind the Name

The phrase ‘Money Piece Hair’ derives from the time when women in the 1970s would part their hair in order to create a ‘V’ shape on the crown.

The ‘V’ was meant to mimic the back of a dollar bill (hence the use of the term ‘money’). Back then, the intentional and strategically placed hair parting was referred to as a ‘Money Piece’ – giving us a name for this popular style.

The Benefits of Money Piece Hair

Creates Volume & Texture

Money piece hair helps to add texture and volume to your do.

This particular hairstyle adds thickness near the roots and leaves you with a much fuller look.

Easy to Maintain

Money piece hair is also relatively easy to maintain, since it is not meant to be styled with lots of product or styling tools.

All you need is a brush and some hairspray to keep it looking great.

Suits All Hair Types

The money piece is also a great style for all kinds of hair types, from curly to straight and thick to thin.

No matter what kind of hair you have, you can create the same look with a money piece.

Suits All Ages

The money piece hairdo is also suitable for people of all ages, as it looks great on both young and old alike.


Money piece hair is a timeless look that is sure to add volume and texture to your hair without having to put in much effort.

Whether your hair is thick or thin, young or old, money piece hair is the perfect style to give you a beautiful and effortless do. References:https://nicehair. org/is-money-piece-hair-back/https://www. dailymail. co. uk/femail/article-8473247/Money-piece-hair-trends-returned-make-beauty-pick-70s. htmlhttps://glamour. co. uk/story/money-piece-hair-trendhttps://www. instagram. com/p/CCpOLIAg9rc/

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