Why Is It Called Mexican Train?

Have you ever heard of a popular board game called “Mexican Train”? The game has been around for some time, but the question is, why is it called “Mexican Train”? Well, the answer is quite interesting, as it dates back to a few centuries ago.

In this article we’ll explore the origin of the name and why it has become such a popular game. So, take your time and let’s dig deep into the fascinating history of the Mexican Train.

Why Is It Called Mexican Train?

Have you ever heard of the fun game, Mexican Train? It might sound confusing, but it’s very similar to the game, Dominoes.

Mexican Train is an exciting dominoes-like game in which the players try to create a line of dominos and other components known as “trains”. So why is this game called Mexican Train?

History of Mexican Train

Mexican Train was invented in the 1990s by Alan Moon and subsequently published in 1992 by Globe Games Company. Shortly after, Alan Moon received the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award for best board game. Since it’s creation in the 90s, Mexican Train has gained tremendous popularity in North America as a game that families can play together.

The Train System

To begin a game of Mexican Train, each player receives a handful of dominoes and then can create their own personal train. The train travels from the beginning of the game and then the goal is to build a continuous path of dominoes onto the central train.

Once the dominoes are placed, the trains will keep traveling forward and the game is won by the player who can successfully place all their dominoes.

The Mexican Train

So why is it called “Mexican Train?

” Well, the central train is known as the Mexican Train because of it’s appearance and the color of the dominoes. The Mexican Train is usually the longest train that follows the same path throughout the game. The pieces that make up the train look like little locomotives painted in vibrant colors – predominantly yellow, red and green.

This is probably the reason why the game is known as Mexican Train – because of the train’s colorful presence.


There you have it! Mexican Train gets its name from the locomotive train that travels and is highlighted with vibrant colors. This game has become increasingly popular and is a great way for friends and family to play together. Whether you’re playing for fun or for serious competition, Mexican Train is always a good time. Citation URL:https://blog. amaworld. com/why-is-this-game-called-mexican-train/https://www. thoughtco. com/mexican-train-domino-game-444462

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