Why Is It Called Invest 91L?

Invest 91L is an area of interest in the Atlantic Ocean monitored by the National Hurricane Center that has the potential to develop into a tropical cyclone. It’s been in the news a few times recently, with experts watching the area closely to see how it develops. But why is it called Invest 91L?

That requires a bit of an explanation about how storms are named and tracked. Join us in exploring the answer to this question, and understand why this area of interest has been garnering so much attention from meteorologists.

Why is it Called Invest 91L?

Invest 91L is a tropical disturbance in the Atlantic Ocean designated by the National Hurricane Center (NHC). The designation of ‘Invest’ is used to refer to atmospheric disturbances that may become organized enough to form tropical cyclones.

What is Invest?

Invest is an acronym derived from “Investigational OVNT” which stands for “Investigational Cyclone Unit Number”.

This terminology is used by meteorologists to identify disturbances with cyclonic potential. Invest disturbances are assigned numbers based on the chronological order of their formation.

In this case, Invest 91L was the 91st disturbance to form.

What is an Invest disturbance?

Invest disturbances are designated by meteorologists when a certain weather system is identified to have the potential to organize and develop into a tropical cyclone.

These systems are monitored closely over several days as they can become more organized and eventually reach tropical storm or hurricane strength.

Why is Invest 91L important?

It is important to track Invest 91L as it can disrupt shipping and cause hazardous weather for those in the path of the system.

The closer it gets to land, the more people will be at risk from dangerous surf, strong winds, flooding and mudslides. It is therefore important that people in coastal and adjacent areas remain vigilant and take heed of weather warnings.


Invest 91L is an important weather system and it is important to remain aware of its movements and intensity as it can cause disruption and hazardous weather. The NHC closely follows Invest 91L’s path and releases updates to the public, who should remain ready to react should the system approach land. Sources:https://www. nhc. noaa. gov/https://www. cbs4com/weather/what-is-invest-91l-a-look-at-the-brewing-tropical-disturbance/1619498803

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