Why Is It Called Hump Day?

Do you ever wonder why Wednesday has been nicknamed “hump day”? It’s a unique phrase that brings up feelings of excitement, motivation and happiness in some people, while others respond with confusion. We’ve all heard the phrase but few truly understand where it originated and the purpose behind the name.

In this article, we’ll examine the history of hump day and explore some of the reasons why it has become an accepted phrase in our society. With that said, let’s get started and find out why hump day has become an integral part of the workweek.

Why Wednesdays are called Hump Day

The phrase “Hump Day” has become widely used in the United States to refer to Wednesday, the middle day of a five-day work week. But why?

Let’s explore the expression and its history.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The phrase “hump day” may seem like an odd name for the middle day of the week. After all, Wednesdays typically don’t bring about any major life events, like Mondays or Fridays.

So why did it become the day of the week often referred to as “hump day?”The expression was coined to refer to the feeling of getting over the hump of the work week, which typically starts with Monday and ends with Friday. The idea is that Wednesday is the day you officially become “over the hump” and it’s all (relatively) smooth sailing until the weekend.

When Did “Hump Day” Become a Thing?

The exact time that “hump day” became popular is hard to pinpoint, but it was being used as far back as the early 1900s, although not with its current meaning.

Back then, the phrase was used to describe the difficulties faced by nomadic Native Americans as they embarked on the last “hump” of their story and reached their final destination. From there, the phrase morphed and made its way into the business and political culture of the United States. It wasn’t until the early 2000s, however, that the phrase got its current popular meaning.

Thanks to what’s been referred to as “the power of marketing,” the phrase took off and started to spread like wildfire.

The Week Ahead

For many people, Wednesday has become a reason to celebrate the middle of the work week, as it’s usually a sign that the weekend is on the horizon.

For that reason, many companies will post “hump day” or “weekend: xx days away” on their corporate or social media accounts on Wednesdays, in an effort to boost morale. Other companies may even host Wednesday happy hours, company potlucks, or other celebrations to mark “hump day. ” Either way, “hump day” is a cheerful way to break up the work week and look forward to what’s ahead.


Although the exact origin of “hump day” is hard to pinpoint, it’s clear that the phrase has become a staple of the work week. Its meaning is especially relevant, as it reminds workers that there is only a short period of time left until the weekend. For that reason, many companies use “hump day” as an opportunity to boost morale and celebrate the work week. Citation URL: https://www. thewordcounter. com/blog/why-wednesdays-are-called-hump-day/https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Hump_Day

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