Why Is It Called Hell’S Kitchen?

Have you ever heard of a place where temperatures run high and tempers run even higher? This bizarre place is known as “Hell’s Kitchen”.

What is Hell’s Kitchen and why is it called that? Whether you’re a fan of the popular reality television show of the same name, which airs on Fox, or if you’re looking for a hint of the real history behind this phrase, there’s a lot to learn about the location known colloquially as Hell’s Kitchen! Join us as we explore the legendary lore of Hell’s Kitchen, from the rows of tenement buildings to the world renowned restaurants – and answer the eternal question: why is it called Hell’s Kitchen?

Why is it called “Hell’s Kitchen”?

Hell’s Kitchen, a neighborhood on Manhattan’s west side, is often associated with a gritty and vibrant atmosphere that is far from heavenly. So why is it called Hell’s Kitchen?

The name dates back to the early 1800s—and there are a few different possible origins.

History of the area

Today, Hell’s Kitchen is known for its diverse culture and its booming restaurant scene. But the neighborhood was once a very different place.

The area was filled with overcrowded and unsanitary tenement buildings, and it was home to a largely Irish immigrant population. With such intense living conditions, it’s not surprising that the area earned the nickname “Hell’s Kitchen,” although the exact origins of the phrase are still contested.

Origin story #1

The first possible explanation is credited to old-time New York firefighters in the mid-1800s. Each firehouse had its own territory, and firefighters would become very familiar with the area and the people around them.

One story suggests that a particularly rowdy Irish immigrant neighborhood earned the nickname “Hell’s Kitchen” from the nearby fire station.

Origin story #2

The other most widely held belief is that the area was supposedly named after a ferocious, strong-willed woman who lived in the area in the mid-1800s.

The story goes that she would curse and yell at the neighborhood kids from her window, with colorful language that suggested these were the depths of “Hell. ”


The origin of the phrase “Hell’s Kitchen” is widely disputed, but both stories are fascinating look into the area’s history. Nonetheless, the neighborhood has come a long way, and the name Hell’s Kitchen is almost affectionate today. Citation URL: https://www. dosomeactionnyc. org/post/origin-story-hells-kitchenhttps://untappedcities. com/2016/10/17/the-origin-of-hells-kitchen/

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