Why Is It Called Gonzaga?

Gonzaga, a University in Washington that has been ranked among the top 5 regional universities, is truly one of the most unique schools in the entire country. With a student body of over 6,500 and an endowment of over $500 million, Gonzaga has been making waves in higher education for years. But what’s the story behind this prestigious university’s name and how did it come to be?

In this article, we’ll explore the history and answer the question of why “Gonzaga” is called so. We’ll also discuss some fascinating trivia, such as the fact that the university has produced no fewer than 8 Pulitzer Prize winners!

So buckle up and join us as we explore the amazing story of Gonzaga University.

Why is it Called Gonzaga?

Gonzaga University is an educational institution located in Spokane, Washington. Its official name is Gonzaga University, but many commonly refer to it simply as “Gonzaga.

” It’s named after a 16th century Saint, and its history and traditions are deeply rooted in Jesuit values. There’s a lot of history wrapped up in its name, and it’s an interesting story to explore.

Who Was Saint Aloysius Gonzaga?

St. Aloysius Gonzaga (1568-1591) was an Italian aristocrat who dedicated himself to the service of the sick and the poor.

He also chose to pursue a religious life at a young age, and dedicated his life to serve God and the Catholic faith. Aloysius was beatified by Pope Paul V in 1605 and canonized by Pope Benedict XIII in 172

He is the patron saint of students, Christian students in particular, and his feast day is June 2

Founding of the University

Gonzaga University was founded in 1887 by Father Joseph Carriere, a Jesuit priest from the Oregon Province. Father Carriere named the school in honor of St.

Aloysius, who was canonized in 172 The school would serve as a place of learning and an educational institution dedicated to fostering faith and knowledge.

The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer

Gonzaga University was founded by the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (commonly known as the Redemptorists). This religious order is part of the worldwide Catholic Church and focuses on parish work and missions. They were originally founded to help the poor, but today they are still involved in many charitable works around the world.


Gonzaga University is named after the 16th century Saint Aloysius Gonzaga. He was an Italian Jesuit priest who dedicated his life to the Church, and whose feast day is June 2 The university was established in 1887 by Father Joseph Carriere, a Redemptorist priest from the Oregon Province, in honor of the Saint. Gonzaga is an institution dedicated to providing knowledge and faith to its students, and its name is deeply rooted in its Jesuit values. Citation URL : – https://www. caritas-spokane. org/resources/quotes/sources-of-inspiration/saint-aloysius-gonzaga/ – https://www. gonzaga. edu/about/jesuit-mission-values/mission-statement/ – https://www. catholicnewsagency. com/saint/saint-aloysius-gonzaga-158

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