Why Is It Called French Kissing?

Have you ever wondered why certain things seem to have become notoriously associated with certain places or cultures? Have you ever stopped to think why french kissing has become so common in western culture, even though it is not universally accepted across cultures?

Today we will explore why a simple act of affection has been given such a unique name as “French” kissing. In this article, we will discuss the origins of this term, explore the different cultures’ reactions to the act, and even provide a few tips and tricks to perfect your french kissing technique. So let’s dive right into it and explore why French kissing is so aptly named!

Why is it called French Kissing?

Kissing has a long and varied history. It has many interpretations, meanings, forms and connotations, and has been a part of all cultures for centuries.

Even today, kissing remains an important and intimate way for two people to express their love and affection for one another. But why is it called French Kissing?

Is it because French people do it differently or have a different way of expressing themselves through kissing? Let’s find out.

Origin of French Kissing

The term French Kissing was first used in the 1920s, and is thought to have originated from American soldiers returning from France after World War I.

They would often talk about their experiences of the warm and passionate kisses they had experienced there, and thus it became known as French Kissing.

What is French Kissing?

French Kissing is a type of kissing that includes the tongue. It is somewhat different from traditional kissing in that it involves a rather more intimate embrace, with the tongues of both kissers intertwining. It is often seen as a more passionate and romantic way of expressing feelings of love and affection.

Fun Facts About French Kissing

• French Kissing actually uses less than two calories per minute • French Kissing helps you produce saliva, which contains substances that fight cavities, bacteria, and viruses • French Kissing can help you reduce stress hormones • French Kissing increases dopamine, which is associated with pleasure, excitement, and euphoria


French Kissing is a popular way for couples around the world to express their affection for each other. While it may have started out as an American term associated with their experiences in France during the early 20thcentury, French Kissing has now become an integral part of modern relationships.

It is a great way to show your partner that you love them, and share a passionate experience with them. Citations: https://www. loveandlace. ca/blogs/news/why-is-it-called-french-kissinghttps://www. livescience. com/34286-why-is-french-kissing-called-french-kissing. html

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