Why Is It Called French Fries?

Hello everyone! Have you ever been curious about why these delicious potato snacks are referred to as French fries? Well, the answer just might surprise you!

French fries have been around for centuries, originating in Europe and evolving over time to become a beloved snack all over the world. In this article, we’ll uncover the mystery of why French fries are called French fries and take a look at the history behind this tasty snack.

Let’s get started and take a delicious journey through time as we explore why this delicious treat is called what it is!

Why is It Called French Fries?

French fries or ‘frites’ are one of the most favorite snacks of many. French fries are a deep-fried potato fast food item.

Despite the name, French fries are not exclusively French, and in fact, have a much more interesting history behind it. Let’s explore the history of the potato-based dish to answer the question “why it is called French fries?

Origins of French Fries

The origin of French fries is a subject of debate. Historians believe that the origins of French fries go back to the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe.

French fries were invented as an alternate way to potatoes. Potatoes, which were originally found in South America, were brought to European countries by Spanish colonists. It is believed that prior to French fries, potatoes were usually boiled or baked.

The Name

Most historians agree that the name ‘French’ in ‘French fries’ was given by Americans. It was a reference to America’s ally, the French.

The French had also been French Protestants, who had been living in Belgium for many years. Even though the name is widely used, but in some countries, the name ‘French’ isn’t used for fries. For example, in the UK, the name ‘French fries’ is replaced by ‘Freedom fries’.

Who Invented French Fries?

Like most food items, the answer to who invented French fries is also not clear-cut. It is likely that French fries were invented as an alternative way to cook potatoes by multiple individuals. It is most likely that the French were the first to fry potatoes as a dish. Frying potatoes was a way to make them more consumable and was likely first done by poor people. It was a way to cut down on the cost of food while making it more nutritional and edible.


Overall, French fries have been a favorite snack for ages. Their exact origin isn’t known and is subject to debate. However, the name was most likely given by American’s honoring France, their ally. Citation URL:https://www. history. com/news/why-are-they-called-french-frieshttps://www. firstcry. com/articles/where-did-french-fries-come-from/

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