Why Is It Called Corn Hole?

People have enjoyed playing games for centuries. One of the oldest and most beloved is called Corn Hole.

This game of throwing bags of corn has been around for generations and is still played by kids and adults alike at outdoor gatherings and family parties. But how did it get its name? What is the story behind the “corn” in Corn Hole?

Read on to find out!

Why is it Called Corn Hole?

Corn Hole is a popular outdoor game enjoyed around the world, which is even said to date back to ancient times.

But, one thing that has always puzzled people about this game is why it’s called “corn hole. ”

Origin of the Name

The origin of the name “corn hole” is a bit unclear, as there are few written sources that discuss it. However, there are a few theories that have been suggested.

One theory is that the name originated from a game played in Germany. This game had a board with a hole cut in it; players threw dried corn into the hole. This eventually evolved into the modern game of corn hole.

Another popular theory is that the name originated in the states of Ohio and Kentucky in the 19th century. Back then, it was common for farmers to store their corn on raised wooden platforms.

It was said that people began to make use of these platforms for a game by throwing dried corn into the “holes” – the space between the boards.

Modern Day

Nowadays, corn hole is played by two teams of two people, each taking turns throwing bean bags towards a board with a hole in the center. The board can either be rectangular or trapezoidal in shape.

Each team tries to get their bean bags closest to the hole or even into the hole. The game is popular at a lot of outdoor events, such as tailgates, barbecues, or family reunions.

It’s a simple and fun game that everyone can enjoy, no matter what their age or level of experience.


The name “corn hole” is likely derived from the days when farmers stored their corn on raised wooden platforms with “holes” for the corn. Nowadays, corn hole is a popular game that is enjoyed worldwide. Its simple rules are easy to understand and it can be a great activity to have at any outdoor event. Citations:https://www. cornholehowto. com/playing-cornhole/what-is-cornhole/https://www. cornholehowto. com/rules/https://www. history. com/news/cornhole-origin-history

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