Why Is It Called Carmen’S Crew?

Have you ever heard of Carmen’s Crew? It’s a crew of elite athletes that have been dominating the basketball world with their incredible talent.

They have become the talk of the town with their impressive wins and they even have their own NBA 2K21 video game. So why are they called Carmen’s Crew? We’ll find out in this article.

We’ll explore the history and origin of the team and what makes them so special. We’ll also look at how their success has helped to push the limits of the sport of basketball and the impact they have had on the game.

So let’s dive in and learn why Carmen’s Crew is so good at what they do.

Why is it Called Carmen’s Crew?

Carmen’s Crew is the name of a new professional basketball team that will be joining the BIG3 basketball league during the 2020 season. The team is based in Columbus, Ohio, and is being led by a number of former college and professional players.

So why is it called Carmen’s Crew?

The Name

The name Carmen’s Crew was chosen to honor the late Carmen “Tiny” Morris, a legendary Columbus, Ohio basketball player and coach.

Morris played professionally for the Akron Wing Foots and the Chicago Bruins, and was the first African-American head basketball coach in Ohio. He also served as a college coach at Ohio’s Oberlin College, where he amassed a winning record.

With his death in 2007, many of basketball greats from Ohio, including NBA Hall of Famers and other former as well as current basketball players, chose to honor his memory by naming the BIG3 team after him.

The Advertising Push

Furthermore, the team’s slogan, “Rise Above,” serves to remind players that no matter what difficulties or obstacles they come across in life, they should continue to reach for their goals as Morris did throughout his life. The Rise Above slogan also serves as an advertising push to get locals in the Columbus, Ohio area more excited about the new professional sports team in town.

The Team

The team is led by NBA veterans Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, and NBA champion and BIG3 co-founder Ricky Davis. Additionally, the team includes BIG3 players Andre Emmett and Josh Childress, Big3 legends Moon, Bonacorsi, and White, and newcomer Mustafa Shakur.

The roster also includes favorite Ohio native and player-coach Nate Jones, and newcomers from various source such as the NBA G-League and undrafted players.


Ultimately, Carmen’s Crew was created to honor a great basketball player, Tiny Morris. With its inspiring slogan, Rise Above, and talented players, Carmen’s Crew is looking to make a positive impact on the Columbus, Ohio basketball community.

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