Why Is It Called Bw3?

If you’ve ever wondered why the popular restaurant and sports bar chain BW3 is called BW3, you’re not alone. BW3 is an abbreviation of Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, and its name carries a lot of history.

In this article, we’ll explore the origins of the name and the connection it has to the city of Buffalo, New York. We’ll also look at the growth of the restaurant chain and the unique vibe the restaurant has cultivated by combining sports, wings and beer. So, take a seat and come along as we answer the question: why is it called BW3?

What is BW3 and Why is it Called BW3?

BW3, also known as Buffalo Wild Wings, is one of the most popular and widely known restaurants in the United States.

Founded in 1982, Buffalo Wild Wings has become synonymous with wings and beers. The acronym BW3 stands for “Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck”, referring to the popular “Buffalo-style” wings served at the restaurant chain.

History of Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings was started by a pair of college friends from Ohio in 198

Initially, the chain was known as Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, with the “Weck” referring to a popular regional sandwich roll. The owners of the restaurant went on to open more restaurants, eventually changing the name to just “Buffalo Wild Wings” in 199 At its core, Buffalo Wild Wings is a casual dining restaurant that specializes in wings and beer.

The menu features an array of American classics, including burgers, salads, sandwiches, tenders, and of course, chicken wings. Buffalo Wild Wings also offers one of the most impressive beer selections around, with over 100 varieties in all.

What is so Unique About Buffalo Wild Wings?

What makes Buffalo Wild Wings unique is its commitment to quality.

The restaurant chain uses only fresh, never frozen chicken wings, which are then cooked in a special fryer that imparts a unique flavor. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of sauces, ranging from mild to wild, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect seasoning for their wings. In addition to its commitment to quality, Buffalo Wild Wings is also known for its commitment to fun.

The restaurant chain offers an extensive sports bar atmosphere, complete with game nights, trivia events, beer special nights, and more. This makes Buffalo Wild Wings a great place to watch the game or just hang out with friends.


Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the most popular restaurants in the United States. The restaurant is known for its delicious chicken wings, wide selection of beers, and fun atmosphere. The acronym BW3 stands for “Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck”, which refers to the restaurant’s original name and the “Buffalo-style” wings served there. Buffalo Wild Wings is committed to both quality and fun, and their extensive menu ensures that everyone can find something to enjoy. Citation URLs: – http://www. buffalowildwings. com/ – https://www. history. com/news/the-history-of-buffalo-wild-wings-restaurants – https://www. delish. com/food/a26768492/what-does-bw3-stand-for/

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