Why Is It Called Brand New Cherry Flavor?

It is a commonly known fact that no one likes getting sick. Whether from a cold, flu, or even a headache, it can be a truly unpleasant experience. As such, many people do whatever they can to make themselves feel better.

One such method is taking pain relieving medicines such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or paracetamol. But rather than taking the generic form, many people turn to a more exciting option, the cherry flavored variety.

But what is the story behind the popularity of brand new cherry flavor? What is the history and science behind this tasty and widely used variety of medicine? Why is it called brand new cherry flavor?

Stay with us to find out the answers!

Why is it Called Brand New Cherry Flavor?

Ever wonder why a product labeled as “Brand New Cherry Flavor” actually tastes like cherries when you buy it?

The answer is found in its chemical makeup. When an ingredient is labeled as “Brand New Cherry Flavor”, it indicates there are three different ingredients at work in the flavor. Below we will give an overview of each and explain why it makes “Brand New Cherry Flavor” taste so satisfyingly sweet.

Artificial and Natural Flavors

What gives “Brand New Cherry Flavor” its cherry-like taste? The main components of the flavor are artificial and natural flavors.

A combination of the two can create a very convincing flavor that couples the essence of a real cherry with a more artificial taste. The artificial flavors are created using a variety of synthetic compounds, such as esters, aldehydes, terpenes and more.

All these compounds are combined in different ratios to create the desired cherry taste. Natural flavors are essential oils or blends that are extracted from actual plants and herbs. Combined, the two create a strong cherry flavor.

Propylene Glycol Ester of Wood Rosin

The second component to “Brand New Cherry Flavor” is propylene glycol ester of wood rosin.

This ingredient is used in many food products and acts as a stabilizer, keeping the flavor from fading or dissipating too quickly. It is also a humectant, which means it helps retain and prolong the life of the product. Propylene glycol ester of wood rosin is widely used for safety reasons, which is why it is commonly found in many food products.

Acetic Acid

The final ingredient in “Brand New Cherry Flavor” is acetic acid. Acetic acid is used mostly as a preservative and helps to keep the flavor more stable and prevents it from deterioratingspoiling. Acetic acid is also used in products to bring out the tartness of citrus flavors and to manufacture other flavors like vanilla.


When you buy something labeled “Brand New Cherry Flavor”, it is made up of three components: artificial and natural flavors, propylene glycol ester of wood rosin, and acetic acid. All three combined help make a product taste like real cherries and keep it from spoiling quickly. Citations:https://www. webstaurantstore. com/blog/5637/what-is-propylene-glycol-ester-of-wood-rosin. htmlhttps://aem. asm. org/content/71/3/143shorthttps://www. foodchemadditives. com/acetate-salts-acetic-acid-for-food/

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